Today We are going to provide the limelight to the main causes of cancer so that you can avoid these major causes because this life-threatening disease is eating our nation.  Based on the National Cancer Registry Programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) report, India has approx. 3.9 million cancer cases in 2016 and the main reason seen behind the cause of cancer was Smoking, Diet, Age, Inherited genes. The states such as Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar has 6,74,386,  3,64,997,  3,59,228 cancer cases respectively while in South India, Tamil Nadu has 2,22,748, Karnataka 2,02,156 and Andhra Pradesh has 1,59,696 cases of cancer.

“Being the most populous states of our country, the number of cancer cases are also high in U.P., Maharashtra, and Bihar. But when we go into depth and look the cancer cases according to the population, then, we found that states which are at high risk are North East regions such as Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Cancer is a life-threatening disease but still, 40% of the cancer cases can be prevented including lung cancer and mouth cancer.

The above stat may threaten you but this is the fact which India is actually facing today. And you must be aware of it. Even if you are living a healthy life but missing some points which can actually affect your whole healthy routine, can cause cancer. ‘Sonali Bendre’ the Indian actress is the most suitable example for this.

When your body cells start behaving in an antisocial way, it might lead to the emergence of cancer. Here we will let you know about the leading causes of cancer which supports the abnormal growth of cells. Check out the top 10 reasons behind the cause of cancer below.

9 Main Causes of Cancer Which Everyone Should Avoid

#1 Tobacco

main causes of cancer

As we all know that smoking is the primary reason behind the cause of lung cancer. The smoke which you intake via cigarettes is full of carcinogens which affect your lung tissues. Our body possesses muscular tissues which repair the damage caused by smoking, but the repeated practice can be very harmful. According to the research, 15 cigarettes are enough to get you in the cancer zone.

Tobacco is one of the major reason behind mouth cancer and lung cancer. Majority of Indians are addicted to tobacco consumption. People in the U.P. and Bihar are mostly addicted to tobacco which causes cancer thus, the number of sufferers is high in these states. In order to prevent lung and mouth cancer, we have to cease the tobacco usage. Tobacco Usage is the main cause of Cancer of around 14 body parts shown in the above diagram. 

#2 Obesity or Overweight

main causes of cancer 5

There is a large number of people who are suffering from overweight which may add them to the list of people living with cancer. One of the primary reason for the increase in weight is the fats. There are two types of fats – Saturated and Unsaturated fats.

The saturated fats are more prone to cause disease as they increase the cholesterol level in the body. The excess of fat in the body affects the hormones drastically. Apart from this – genetic, hormonal, environmental, emotional factors also contribute to your obesity. So, be attentive with your body weight. Exercise regularly and plan to lose weight in small proportions. According to the doctors, Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 25 is good for health. But note that this number varies with the height and age.

#3 UV Radiation

main causes of cancer

UV Radiation from the Sun is the primary cause behind the Skin Cancer. Experiencing too much radiation from the sun can damage the skin DNAs. And when these cells start growing abnormally, it becomes the primary reason behind Skin and many other cancer types. Sun is good for health but can also be harmful if proper care is not taken.


#4 Diet

main causes of cancer 4

You may not believe but diet is the main cause behind 35%-40% of people who are suffering from cancer. Diet is directly related to the obesity, so we can say that half of the deaths in cancer are caused due to the wrong diet. In general, we suggest avoiding the menu comprising red meat, salty foods, hot dogs, lunch meat, sausage, bacon, etc. Doctors advise the intake of more and more fruits and vegetables having a high quantity of fiber which reduces the risk of cancer. Don’t miss to read about cancer fighting foods.

#5 Alcohol

main causes of cancer 3

Liquor Drinking is Injurious to health, no matter, if you drink the alcohol all at one time or over the period, the damage is equally devastating. Whether you drink beer, wine, or anything, the damage is the same. Alcohols contain acetaldehyde (the toxic chemical), which makes alcohol a cancer-prone ingredient. Alcohol is the main cause of cancers of the mouth upper throat cancer, larynx cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, bowel cancer, etc.

#6 Air Pollution

main causes of cancer 2

Toxic gases or the polluted environment is another factor behind the cause of lung cancer. Reports say that the risk is low, but the continued exposure to the polluted environment can be worse for you. Apart from lung cancer, polluted environment also causes many heart and respiratory diseases. Although, air pollution is not that much dangerous for health as compared to other reasons you need to be conscious about this too.

Apart from Polluted air, second-hand smoke is also contributing towards Lung cancer among the people. Hence, whenever you found any person smoking nearby you, ask them to stop. If not, then move away from there.

#7 HPV

main causes of cancer 1

HPV or Human Papillomavirus is the virus which can make you the victim of cervical cancer,  mouth cancer, throat cancer, and cancer-related to genital areas. HPV enters into the body when you perform vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has this virus. HPV infects the fingers, hands, mouth, and genitals. Cancer caused by this virus has a drawback in that it doesn’t show any symptom. Hence, in order to avoid the risk of getting infected by HPV, use barriers during sex as this can spread through the skin contact only(but not that much effective).

#8 Age

main causes of cancer


Age is a significant factor when it comes to causing cancer. Cancer cells take years to develop which makes the old age person more victim of this life-threatening disease. The risk of cancer increases with the age, generally after 50 and most of the cancer cases are found at the age of 66 and above.

#9 Inherited Genes

main causes of cancer

Cancer will catch you even after you have been too much conscious about your health. If you had any cancer-related history in your family, we suggest you go for the regular check-ups. As the DNA/ cells of cancer can get inherited through genes which grow and effects in your body over the period of time. The only remedy to reduce cancer of this type is the regular health check-ups.

We hope that you found this article helpful and surely you will follow the ideas to prevent yourself and your loved ones from causing cancer.


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