Do You Smoke Cigarette? STOP IT TODAY because Smoking is bad, and tobacco smoking is injurious to health. This article is about smoking effects on the human body and will also guide you on how

The use of tobacco in any form will largely create unconstructive effects on the health of humans.  Most studies have focused chiefly on using tobacco in the form of cigarette smoking. Accordingly, a British physiologist, Richard Doll published his findings in 1950, proving that there is a close association between smoking and lung cancer. Tobacco smoke includes over 50 harmful chemicals, among which nicotine is the major culprit causing cancer in smokers. During smoking, nicotine will cause both physicals, as well as emotional dependency. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoking is injurious to health and causes about 6 million fatalities every year. According to a survey conducted in 2014, it is estimated that tobacco smoking will kill 1 billion people approximately in the twenty-first century and most of them will be in their 70s.

Different Forms of Smoking Exposure

Usually, drinking and smoking injurious to health for the body of humans. It has been established that Injurious effects will not only cause damaging effects in smokers but also in non-smokers in different ways. Some of them include:

Second Hand (Passive) Smoking-

smoking is injurious ot health

It is a blend of smoke from the burning point of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, and it is the one, which is puffed out from the lungs of active smokers. It is unwillingly inhaled that remains in the air for hours after a cigarette has been extinguished. This may create an extensive range of unfavorable health effects, including respiratory diseases, cancer, and asthma.

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Similar to other smoking forms, cigar smoking causes a major health risk according to the dosage. There will be a greater risk for people who inhale more when they smoke, smoke them longer, or smoke more cigars. The hazard of dying for any reason is considerably more for cigar smokers, particularly for those who are of 65 years or more age. Cigar smoking is injurious to health and will cause cancers of the larynx and lung, as well.


Most smokers have a common belief that the hookah smoking form of tobacco will create less damaging effects than the traditional cigarette form. However, it is not true because the application of hookah can be detrimental to the health of a person like smoking cigarettes. Moreover, usually, each hookah session will last over 40 minutes. This means that the smoker will undergo a maximum of 200 inhalations, each ranging from 0.15 liters to 0.50 liters of smoke. As a result, their overall health is affected more by 200 times than that of the cigarette smokers.  Hookah smokers will be more susceptible to gum infections than the traditional smokers will. If you ask, is smoking shisha injurious to health, definitely, it is injurious.

is smoking injurious to health

How Smoking is Injurious to Health

When you read some “smoking is injurious to health” quotes, you can perceive that tobacco is hazardous to your health, regardless of the form of your smoking. All forms of smoking do include only unsafe substances, ranging from nicotine to tar to carbon monoxide. When you inhale these substances, it will not only affect your lungs but also your entire body. It can lead to a range of ongoing problems in your body, including long-term side effects on your body structures. Some of the riskiest side effects of smoking include:


Smoking Damages the Central Nervous System

Nicotine, which is available in tobacco, is considered a mood-changing drug. While smoking nicotine reaches your brain immediately and will make you feel more animated for some time. Once the effect fades, you will feel tired and will long for more. The nicotine can damage your cognitive performance and will make you feel nervous, aggravated, and dejected. It can cause sleep problems and headaches, too.

Smoking Severely Affects the Respiratory System


smoking is injurious to health and respiratory system

When you smoke, it means you are absorbing substances that can harm your lungs. In due course, this harm will show the way to a range of health issues. When you smoke along with your underlying medical conditions, you will be at a higher jeopardy of constant non-treatable lung disorders that include:

  • The obliteration of the airbags in your lungs, known as emphysema.
  • Unceasing bronchitis, permanent irritation that affects the inside layer of the breathing tubes of your lungs
  • A cluster of lung infections, including the chronic disruptive pulmonary infection.
  • Lung cancer

Smoking will cause provisional jamming and respiratory distress in your airways and lungs, meaning your respiratory system will attain the permanently damaged condition.


Smoking is Injurious to Heart

is smoking injurious to health and heart

Smoking regularly damages the cardiovascular system of your body, as nicotine tighten the blood vessels, which, in turn, restricts the blood circulation. Eventually, the continue narrowing, together with the blood vessels, can make you suffer from the peripheral artery infection. Smoking will boost the levels of your blood pressure, deteriorate the walls of the blood vessel, and will increase the blood clots, which will increase the hazard of stroke, as well.


Smoking is Injurious for Skin and Hairs


smoking injurious for health

The noticeable symptoms of smoking entail skin damages. When you smoke, your skin structure will start changing and it may increase the jeopardy of skin cancer. The nails in your fingers and toes will become weak, thus, it can show the way to fungal nail diseases. Nicotine will also affect the health of your hair, which may lead to hair loss, graying, or balding.


Smoking Damages the Digestive System

Smoking will boost the risk of throat, mouth, esophagus, and larynx cancer. If you smoke, you will have more chances of suffering from pancreatic cancer. It will also increase the levels of your blood glucose if you are a diabetic. Thus, you will be more vulnerable to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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Smoking is Injurious to Health and Causes Life-Threatening Disease- CANCER

While we have already mentioned how smoking is injurious to health and gradually results in various types of cancer, it is still crucial to mention this point separately so that if our readers missed it above, they get to read it clearly here! Smoking can cause various types of cancer including the lung cancer, larynx cancer, skin cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Cancer is a life-threatening disease and thus, it is essential to quit smoking habit as soon as possible. Precaution is better than cure and thus, all of us should take vital precautions of staying away from smoking and thus, stay safe from risky diseases such as cancer. Given below are few significant ways on how to quit smoking.


Effective to Ways to QUIT SMOKING

stop smoking it is injurious to health

Although some people quit smoking through their willpower, most do better with a customized plan to achieve it. A fine quitting strategy will address both the short-term, as well as the long-term challenge of quitting the smoke habit. It should be customized, as well, according to your smoking habits and specific requirements. Seeing the smoking is injurious to health images will make your quitting endeavor easy, as well. Here are the other easy and effective ways for you to come out of your smoking habit successfully.

One of the easiest ways to quit your smoking habit is following the START strategy. Each letter in the term refers to a quitting plan. Accordingly to this strategy:

“S” Represents – SET A QUIT DAY
You can decide a date shortly to quit your smoking habit. This will offer you sufficient time to get yourself ready to quit smoking devoid of losing your inspiration to stop. If you mostly smoke at your work, you can stop the habit during your weekends, so you have some days to adapt to the change.

“T” refers to TELL FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND COLLEAGUES about your quitting plan.
Allow people around you to know your smoking quitting plan. This will allow you to get their support during your quitting expedition. Seek a similar friend who also wants to quit smoking. You can assist each other in expanding the difficult times.

“A” refers to ANTICIPATE AND ARRANGE  for meeting the challenges you will come across while you are quitting smoke.
Most individuals who start smoking again will achieve so within the initial three months. You can aid yourself in making it through by preparing in advance for widespread challenges, such as nicotine extraction and cigarette longings.

“R” refers to REMOVE cigarettes and other products made of tobacco from your house, workplace, and car.
Get rid of your entire cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, and matches from the places where you usually smoke. Wash your clothing and clean up anything that holds the smell similar to smoke. Clean your car, carpet, and drapes, including steaming your furniture.

“T” refers to TALK TO YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR regarding getting support to quit.
Your healthcare professional or family doctor can recommend medications to help you with removal symptoms. If you are unable to meet your doctor, you can buy many effective and safe products, including nicotine lozenges, patches, and gum over the counter at a pharmacy in your area.



Quitting smoke cannot be achieved overnight, as it needs time and patience. You should also have the required determination to quit the habit by understanding its risks and side effects by asking yourself, is smoking injurious to health.

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