Papaya Leaves for Cancer Treatment

Papaya for Cancer is really effective, it is a miraculous food with numerous amazing health benefits.

Some of theses are like: anti-aging properties, compensate vitamin deficiencies, and mitigation of health problems like acne and other skin ailments. Besides this it is also helpful in menstrual pain, malaria, cataracts, common cold, flus, dengue fever, heart disease and reduces the risk for stroke. Moreover, papaya leaves have this ability to reverse many diseased conditions which are precursors of cancer like constipation, malnutrition, heartburn, indigestion, gastric ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and enlarged prostate (BPH).

In addition to some of these basic cures from papaya, it possesses powerful healing compounds in its leaves which are important for health and vitality.

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Papaya leaves for cancer treatment is really an effective procedure. Papaya leaves contain a milky sap which is great for preventing and killing growth of cancer cells. As it contains a chemical compound named as Acetogenin which possess antitumor activities. It is capable to induce cancer cell death through apoptosis which is the major reason of choosing Papaya Leaves for Cancer Treatment.

Research has proved that papaya leaves has miraculous power to stop and control the growth of cancer cells, and stop the process of metastasis, and normalize the cell cycle. Because of its antioxidant activity, papaya contributes its effectiveness by acting as an anti-cancer agent. Studies conducted have proved that papaya leaves contain agents that have the capability to kill cancer cells, especially of the cervix, prostate, liver, breast, and lung.

Papaya leaves exhibit immunomodulatory, antitumor and antioxidant effects in vitro.

Papaya and cancer Treatment Correlation

Some specific ways in which papaya leaves potentially help in palliating cancer are:

  • Chemotherapy: Papaya enhances chemotherapy effectiveness and reduces chemotherapy side effects.
  • Immune Function: Papaya has lots of antioxidants which boost the immune system. Papaya leaves also produce “Th1,” which is an anti-cancer cytokine that helps fight against cancer cells.
  • Platelets: Papaya holds power to reverse thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts), which is a common condition in cancer patients. It possesses the potential to enhance the platelet count. It also helps in improving low platelet count.
  • Poor Appetite: With cancer,  people suffer from lack of appetite. Papaya improves appetite, restores lost vigor and vitality back to the patient, Another reason to try papaya leaves for cancer
  • Malnutrition: Papaya leaves are rich source of vitamins A, B, C, D and E, antioxidant flavonoids and carotenoids. They also comprise of 50 or more amino acids like threonine, valine, leucine, glycine, phenylalanine, lysine, cysteine, histidine, tyrosine, alanine, proline, aspartate. It also contains papain which is a digestive enzyme and helps in to digest protein, fats and carbohydrates.

A remedy to palliate cancer by papaya leaves is to use in form of a tea that is papaya leaf tea. This can be prepared at home easily.

The Recipe of Papaya Leaf Tea for Cancer:

Papaya leaf tea for cancer patients is really effective, let us find out how this miraculous drink is made:

  • Completely rinse 7 medium sized papaya leaves with normal tap water
  • Then chop them up into pieces and place them in a saucepan containing 2 litres of water.
  • Boil the leaves in the water completely. Then reduce the heat down to a mild simmer for 2 hours and leave it to boil to form an extraction.  By this time the concoction should be reduced by half of its volume.
  • Once this is reduced, let it cool.
  • Remove the papaya leaves from the saucepan through sieve. Strain the liquid and it is ready for use
  • Drink 50 ml of this concentrated papaya leaf tea at a time.
  • Drinking further 50 ml of this tea twice more in a day making it for a total of 3 times a day preferably before meals is the suggested dosage and perfect timing for this natural cancer palliation.

Thus, it will be highly beneficial to incorporate papaya into our lives. Seeking so much powerful miraculous existence of compounds in papaya leaves it is surely a good way to prevent, control and palliate cancer naturally at your homes.

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