Lung Cancer is the second most common cancer in India found in both men and women and today we are going to discuss the lung cancer diagnosis and detection methods. The most common cancer in men is Oral Cancer whereas in women the most common is Breast Cancer. Also, behind 14% of all new cancer cases, the reason found is Lung cancer. Every year in India, more than 1 lakh people are diagnosed with Lung Cancer, out of which 60-70% of the people die fighting against it. There are ample reasons behind these like, improper health, lack of treatment, the cost issue, etc. But the most important factor behind this number is the lack of diagnosis at the right stage.

Yes, if Lung Cancer is not diagnosed at the right stage, it becomes difficult for the doctors to save the patient. Now why cancer is not getting diagnosed early in all cases. There can be different reasons behind this too, but the most prominent reason is the lack of symptoms at the initial stage or the misjudgment or ignorance of Lung Cancer signs. Therefore, it is necessary for the patient to understand the changes which are occurring in their body and once they experience any change, go for an immediate check-up.

During the check-ups, doctors will also you to inhale and exhale in a device called a spirometer. A spirometer is a device that calculates the amount of air that you are exhaling and inhaling and compares that to a healthy body. Followed by this, there can be a blood test. In this way, the doctors will examine you according to the signs and symptoms which you are experiencing. So, to know in detail about the various methods to diagnose lung cancer, go through the complete article.

Lung Cancer Detection Test

The best fit Lung Cancer Detection test for that patient is decided after reviewing various factors like:

  • Patient’s Health
  • Past Medical Test Report
  • How the body is reacting to Medicines
  • Duration of Disease or symptoms

All these factors have the doctor’s judge the best suited diagnostic test for that particular individual. Now, again the query comes that what is the need to go for different detection test if we already know that symptoms which the patient is experiencing are exactly the symptoms of Lung Cancer. Yes, there is a need to go for the diagnostic test because:

  • A detection test will confirm the test as symptoms just give an idea or hint of disease.
  • Detection Tests will help us to know about the stage of the disease.
  • Through detection tests, doctors have a look at the spreading of cancer that whether the cancer cells have spread to nearby lymph nodes or not.

So, for all these reasons, always go for a complete medical check-up if you are experiencing any change in the body. The various methods used for lung cancer diagnosis are as follows: 

Chest X-Ray

lung cancer diagnosis

Chest X-ray is the primary recommended lung cancer diagnosis test. Most of the time it is seen that Lung Cancer tumors get shown up as the white-grey mass in the chest x-rays. However, these details are not precise as there is confusion between these white-grey mass in the x-ray that is it really a lung cancer or it is lung abscess. So, to confirm this x-ray report, further tests are conducted.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

lung cancer diagnosis by stage

This is the second step of lung cancer early diagnosis after the x-ray. In CT Scan, doctors take x-rays of lungs from different angles, and with the help of a computer, they attribute them to a detailed image. Before undergoing CT Scan, a liquid containing a dye, called contrast medium is injected into the body through veins, which makes the picture of the infected area more clearer.

Positron Emission Tomography-Computerized Tomography (PET-CT) Scan

The PET-CT scan is the next diagnostic test that is chosen if CT-Scan shows that the patient has a tumor of an early stage. The main aim of the PET-CT Scan is to find the location of the tumor. Before undergoing the PET-CT scan, a radioactive substance is injected into the body of the patient, which attracts the cancer cells. PET-CT Scan is a 30-60 minute process with almost no pain.


lung cancer early diagnosis

After finding the infected area through Biopsy, doctors go to examine that tissue. To do so, they need a tissue of the infected section. This is known as Biopsy. The biopsy is the process in which a tissue of an infected area is removed and examined under the microscope. There are different types of Biopsy which doctors can opt for Lung Cancer patients.

  • Percutaneous Needle Biopsy
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Mediastinoscopy


lung cancer diagnosis test

MRI is the process in which magnetic fields are used to create images of the infected area. A contrast medium is injected into the body of the patient for better results.

In this way, the doctors look into your symptoms and diagnose the disease. Therefore, go for an immediate check-up. According to the diagnostic results, doctors will move for the treatment of Lung Cancer. For better knowledge about the diagnostic test and related effects on the body, consult with a team of cancer specialists. Book an appointment by filling the contact form.


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