You also agree the condition that the money taken against the consultation/treatment is 100 percent non reimbursable by any of the organisation or govt. institution,once the treatment taken implies that you agree not to claim for any loss what so ever since any loss you met is the fate of disease, if they occur by chance , and not to have details of the protocol ( what was given in the medicines since it is a homeopathic protocol and names of medicines would not be disclosed to the sufferer and relatives).Again it is to be repeated that once treatment taken itself implies that you agree to all these terms and condition and will not disturb us .

  • All the payment made to us by any means( either by direct deposits in the bank accounts, NEFT or through payment gateways) are 100% non-refundable under any circumstances.The patients or relatives who opt for payment gateways to pay any amounts applicable under treatments , also agree not to raise any charge back in their respective banks. By declaring this we want to convey our clinic policies very straight and do not want further clarifications and do not want to give troubles to the payee either under law or mentally.
  • Medicines left in between the treatments are not to be taken back by us back.so no requests will be entertained by us in this matter since the treatment is very specifically designed for a particular patient’s disease state and that combination is of no use for us or for any other patient.
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