Lungs are the two spongy organs which are situated in our chest which takes in oxygen when we inhale and removes the carbon dioxide from the body. Lungs maintain the respiratory system of the body. In Lungs, there is an organ called Bronchi which is primarily infected by cancer cells which are later spread to other parts of Lungs.

Whenever there is an ask that what are the possible causes of Lung cancer, the first name which comes to mind is smoking. This is true. Smoking is one of the most significant factors behind the cause of lung cancer. Like smoking, there are many other factors which are also contributing to the cause of Lung Cancer. So, in this article, we will look into some of the most prominent reasons for Lung Cancer.

Major Causes of Lung Cancer


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As we have already discussed that smoking is the most common cause behind the lung cancer. Almost 90% of the lung cancer cases arise due to tobacco consumption. Hence, we can say that the people who smoke are most prone to Lung cancer compared to those who don’t smoke. Also, people who don’t smoke can get diagnosed with lung cancer, but the risk is reduced compared to those who smoke.

“Lung Cancer from Smoking” is not a one time process, it increases over the years of smoking practice and gradually leads to Lung Cancer. However, if you realize your mistake after years of smoking, you can still make a fresh start which will help you in reducing cancer risk. The relation between Smoking and Lung cancer is very clear that is “the more you smoke, the longer you smoke, the harder you smoke, the more severe lung cancer stage you face”. So, Stop Smoking now as Smoking Kills.

Second-Hand Smoking

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Second-Hand Smoking is also known as Passive Smoking, is a reason behind the cause of Lung Cancer. Second-Hand Smoking cases have mostly emerged from the household where the one or more family members are in the habit of smoking and others are living in that same environment. It is observed that the people living in a non-smoking environment are 30% less probable to get diagnosed with lung cancer compared to those who live in a smoking environment.

Exposure to Radon Gas

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Radon is a chemical element, and Radon Gas is produced when there is a natural breakdown of Uranium in rock, soil, and water. And with the period, they become the part of the air which you inhale. Radon is an indoor pollutant which is the reason behind 12% of total deaths through Lung Cancer in the US. So, check out the presence of Radon and try to avoid it.

Asbestos Fibers

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The exposure to Asbestos Fibers and other carcinogens can cause lung cancer. If a person is in regular exposure to substances like arsenic, chromium, and nickel, then he/ she is at the highest risk. The risk increases even more if the person has a habit of smoking. Because of the dangerous side effects of Asbestos, it is banned in many countries like in USA, Italy, etc. In India, Asbestos is partially prohibited that means few types of Asbestos is forbidden while some continue to regulate in the market.

Family History

Family History is also an influential factor behind the Lung Cancer cause. If the parent or grandparents were diagnosed with Lung Cancer, then there is a possibility that their kids might also have Lung Cancer. This is because of the inherited genes. But this risk can be easily removed by proper care and regular health checkup.

Air Pollution

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About 1% of the Lung Cancer deaths are because of Air Pollution. However, this is not a significant reason compared to others, but it can be big if proper care is not given. The leading causes behind the Air Pollution are Vehicles, Industries, Power Plants, Festive Celebration (Diwali), etc. So, control pollution, save the environment and prevent yourself from various types of lung cancer

These were some of the leading factors which are causing Lung Cancer. Therefore, try to avoid all these factors in order to live a healthy life. These factors can lead to a number of symptoms, so if you face any sign of Lung Cancer or you are prone to these causes, go for an immediate check-up. This will be helpful in giving you a proper treatment at the right stage. Also, for the appropriate guidance and prevention methods, you can contact our expert by filling the contact form or by dialing the number provided.

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