Homeopathy Treatment for Tumors and Cancer

Tumors and cancer are two of the most fatal diseases if not diagnosed and properly treated on time. It can be treated with allopathic treatment method where the patient takes heavy medication that may have substantial side effects; and homeopathic treatment method where these ailments get cured naturally.

The homeopathic treatment targets the patient’s pathological condition and destroys tumors and cancer cells naturally. It prevents metastasis and recurrences of its complications and symptoms. With the mission to increase quality of life, we at Candrol strive to offer you a cost-effective homeopathic cancer treatment.

About Candrol

Candrol is a Cancer Treatment centre in Jaipur Founded by Dr. Rishi Sharma to support the conventional cancer treatment procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, radio therapy and allopathic medications with effective homeopathic remedies. It offers clinically verified, well-researched, and scientifically developed homeopathic treatment for cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  • 1. What do we understand about Tumors and Cancer?

    Tumor is an accumulated mass of tissues formed with abnormal cells. In general, the old cells of the body are replaced by the new cells. But with cancer or tumors, this cycle gets disrupted and causes abnormal growth in tumor cells and cancer.

  • 2. How do we classify Tumors and Cancer?

    It can be classified into Primary and Secondary. What’s important to know here is that a tumor is a precursor to cancer.

    The Primary Tumor includes three different types of tumors according to its infection— Benign tumor that includes skin moles that do not transforms into cancer; Potentially Malignant Tumor, a pre-cancer stage, it may transform into a cancer; and Malignant tumor, the cancer phase. The Secondary tumor can include any type of cancerous tumors that requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  • 3. What are the symptoms linked with the development of Tumors and Cancer?

    Symptoms vary based on the tumor location and size. It is generally headache, which is accompanied by many other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, disturbed visual and hearing mechanism, problems with memory, slow thought process, consistent weakness on one side of the body or abnormal gait, fatigue or increased sleep, personality changes etc.

  • 4. How does Dr. Rishi’s homeopathy treatment cure the disease?

    Candrol is the result of years of extensive research of Dr. Rishi Sharma. It has been curing patients from deadly diseases such as cancer. Candrol has been successfully curing Krukenberg tumor. It is broadly divided into 3 lines of treatment, type 1, 2 and 3 based on the specific condition of the patient and various other disease parameters.

  • 5. Are there any possible complications?

    Candrol is a completely safe treatment with no side effects and harsh effects that have been noticed so far. At present, with lesser quantity of medicines, it is the safest anti-cancer treatment approach.

  • 6. How soon I can get the results of Tumors and Cancerhomeopathy treatment?

    Dr. Rishi Sharma’s homeopathy treatments for cancer are based on strong research and time-tested techniques, thus the healing process starts immediately after the first dose and can vary as per individual patient’s condition.

  • 7. Can Candrol be taken with other allopathic treatments without any contradiction?

    Yes! Candrol is a molecular medicine which works on the principle of nanophysics termed as MOLECULAR MEDICINE OF FUTURE by Dr Rishi Sharma. Today,it has been successful in treating all kinds of cancer patients, be it GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) grade 4 or hemato-oncological cases such as A.L.L., C.M.L, Autoimmune diseases after allogeneic or autogenic transplants such as Osteonecrosis etc.

    Candrol is customized according to a particular patient’s case, the stage or level of the disease. Our line of treatment is generally based on highly effective drugs. It involves little medicine of original drug substance which leaves minimum chances of contradicting with any type of chemotherapy or radiation cycles.

    Thus, get rid of all your worries and start today! The sooner, the better!

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