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    Dr. Rishi Sharma- The Best Medical Oncologist in Jaipur, India

    • Dr. Rishi Sharma, The Best Cancer Specialist in Jaipur, the CEO and Founder of “Candrol”, was recently awarded as the Best Homeopathy Oncologist in Rajasthan at International Healthcare Awards 2018. Apart from Homeopathic treatment of Cancer, the best oncologist in Jaipur along with his team has developed a protocol, also known as Candrol Protocol which has changed the era of conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiations, and surgery. Also, this protocol has emerged as the 4th modality of cancer treatment. So, by the introduction of Candrol, the severe and last stage sufferers get a ray of hope that they will be well and good.
    • Today Dr. Rishi’s cancer treatment protocols is a well-known cancer treatment in Jaipur  and not only that it is being followed and adopted in more than 100 countries across the world. Dr. Rishi Sharma the has developed these treatment methods with his highly scientific aptitude, and over the time he has been updating himself with the latest innovation and technology.
    • Dr. Rishi Founded, Candrol cancer treatment and research center  has got scientifically proven results of improvement in incurable termed diseases, one among them is cancer.
    • The pharma companies are generating a turnover of multi-billion dollars and continuously introducing new methods of treatments, but still, they are unable to provide a side effect free treatment and a treatment line which can make patient’s life full of happiness and confident hope. Another issue which is related to cancer treatment in India is the affordability. So, Dr. Rishi’s Protocol and dedication has proved useful in providing effective and affordable cancer treatment in India.
    • Come together and join hands to create more awareness about Dr. Rishi’s cancer treatment protocols as the only 4th modality in oncology. Also, Dr. Rishi Sharma, the award-winning Oncologist is appealing to the people to use this protocol as early as possible after getting diagnosed with Cancer. By doing so, the Patient can avoid the adverse side effects of conventional treatment like chemotherapy, Radiation etc. and lowered immunity of the body. To know in detail about the best use of Candrol, book an appointment with the best medical oncologist in Jaipur – Dr. Rishi Sharma.

    International Healthcare Awards 2018

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    Experience and Successful Treatments

    Dr. Rishi Sharma completed the Graduation from Premier Homeopathic Medical College, Jaipur, and earned a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) degree. In Dr. Rishi’s years of experience, he has handled 100’s of cancer cases of different cancer types with 100% Safe, Side-Effect-Free Anticancer Treatment ModalityCANDROL“.

    So, all the achievements make Dr. Rishi, the Cancer Specialist doctor in Jaipur but when it comes to national level, Dr. Rishi Sharma is most effective in treating:

    Qualities of Cancer Specialist

    • Experience: Experience matters a lot when it comes to choosing the best cancer specialist doctor in Jaipur. Look into the doctor’s profile and cases that how many treatments he/ she has done in the past few years. How many years of practice does the doctor have in that field? How severe cases that doctor has handled? Does the cancer specialist Doctor has done any research in that field? All these questions should be reviewed from the patient’s side while choosing the best cancer doctor in Jaipur.
    • Qualification, Training, and Achievements: The framed degrees, training certifications, achievements hanging on the wall are not decoration. They show the level and knowledge of that person in that field.
    • Openness to Patient’s Questions: This is one of the essential factors which might directly decide that whether you are going to have treatment from that doctor or not. Check that the oncologist in Jaipur can verify your disease state or not and whether he can answer all your questions. If yes, then never hesitate to take the second step of treatment.
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    Any Queries??