What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment to cancer disease which is designed to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight cancer by restoring immune system function.

A healthy immune system has the capability to destroy an average of 10,000 cancerous and precancerous cells per day.

What is immune system?

Immune system is the defense system of body. It comprises of network of cells, tissues and organs which combine to work together. The most important function of immune system is to recognize the self and non-self. Self means body’s own healthy cells and tissues. Non-self means the foreign invaders called as pathogens which are disease causing agents like bacteria and viruses or any other abnormal or unhealthy cells invading in the body.

How cancer cells hamper the immune system?

Normally, the immune system does not attack anything which it recognizes as a healthy part of self.

But with cancer cells the problem is that they originate from our cells, though there are some differences. But as they start to grow and spread, they undergo series of changes, or mutations, and become less like normal cells.

Most of the time immune system detects these differences and corrects them. Many times, these cells slip through the defenses and sometimes even to inhibit the immune system.

Since many years researcher have known that the immune systems do recognize and attack cancer cells. But, today with advancements in immunotherapy result of new understanding shows about the interaction between the immune system and cancer.

How immunotherapy has shown remarkable results:

It’s been found that even when other conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation therapies have failed to yield the optimum results, then often times immunotherapy has given remarkable results in patients. This showed results as immunotherapy works independent of other forms of treatments.

Due to its proven effects immunotherapy has piqued the interest of several oncologists around the globe and has also caught the attention of The Wall Street Journal. The journal has featured recently a miraculous story named as, “Cancer’s Super Survivors: How the Promise of Immunotherapy is Transforming Oncology,” wherein the cancer patients found a ray of hope in immunotherapy.

Moreover it came as a hope by extending the survival rates in patients.

Extension of life, improved quality life, and cancer remission everything is possible and it’s been seen clinically with the help of immunotherapy. Thus, renowned researchers and healthcare professionals feel and believe that immunotherapies hold an important future of cancer treatment. .

How immunotherapy works?

Various types of immunotherapy work in different ways. It works by either:

  • Boosting the immune system so, that it fights against cancer.
  • Or by removing the barriers to the immune system attacking the cancer.

Types of immunotherapy

Immunotherapy triggers body’s immunity to fight against cancer in several ways. Which are :

Checkpoint inhibitors

Surface of T-cells is proteinaceous and is called as “checkpoints” which stops the immune system from attacking cancer cells.
Drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors block these proteins so that the T-cells can recognise and destroy those cancer cells.

Immune stimulants

Some treatments have been used to stimulate the immune system so it reactivates and attacks the cancer.

Examples include:

  • In non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer, the vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is given into the bladder through a catheter to stimulate a person’s immune system to stop or delay bladder cancer coming back or becoming invasive.
  • In some types of skin cancers, a cream called imiquimod is applied directly to the affected area to stimulate a local immune response.

Adoptive cell transfer

It helps in boosting the body’s T-cells to fight against cancer.

Cytokines are immune hormones

Cytokines are basically made up of white blood cells that stimulate the immune system.

Two major cytokines fighting cancer are interferons and interleukins. Interferon slows the growth of cancer cells, and interleukin stimulate anti-cancer T-cells.

Monoclonal antibodies (MABs)

MABs work by identifying and mimicking patient’s natural antibodies and then triggering the immune response. They even sometimes block signals of cell division of cancer cells thereby inhibiting their population to grow.

Other immune treatments

Vaccines are the best to help the immune system in preventing cancer.

Homeopathy as cancer Immunotherapy

Homeopathy works in similar lines of immunotherapy as it also boosts the immune system strong enough so that body can fights against the disease on its own.

People now have faith in this method of immunotherapy because of the acclaimed results and responses achieved so far in patients. The body gets internally mobilized to fight back cancerous cells and eliminate them from the body on its own.

Homeopathy treatment is holistic form of treatment which not just treats cancers but also stabilizes the person mentally and emotionally.

By homeopathy immunotherapy cancer gets healed when the diagnosis takes place early. Moreover, people with last stage cancers also get relieved by homeopathy.

Homeopathy works at the molecular level on the principle of “like cures like” and “ maximum dilution with minimum doses.” Thus, treating its patients with highly diluted doses, triggers the body’s innate, natural healing response making the body’s immune system strong enough to fight against cancer.

Why is CANDROL the best homeopathic Cancer immunotherapy treatment in India?

  • Homeopathic CANDROL treatment is based on the 4th modality of cancer treatment.
  • Today, Dr. Rishi Sharma and his team are successful in treating patients with all kinds of cancer including GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) grade 4, hemato-oncological cases like A.L.L., C.M.L, autoimmune diseases after allogenic or autogenic transplants like osteonecrosis etc.
  • DR RISHI’S cancer treatment protocols are very cost-effective as compared to other modalities.
  • They prioritize in taking of treatment to poor masses and suffering mankind who dies out of cancer without even undergoing any treatment.
  • Moreover, this protocol has no side effects recorded till date such as hair loss, infections, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, dizziness, mouth sores and loss of appetite.
  • In fact, Dr. RISHI’S protocols nullify the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • CANDROL is very fast in action as the molecular nature of CANDROL gets absorbed very quickly by oral mucosa and triggers vital reactions in the body.
  • It also helps in improving the quality of life which is being ruined by such harsh treatments.
  • Most often by the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiations osteoradionecrosis (bone death) occurs which causes severe bone pain. This protocol is most effective in managing cancer pains where conventional medicines sometimes even fail to give the slightest relief.
  • CANDROL is disease-specific so acts like vaccines for a particular cancer type and thus brings dormancy and helps in fighting recurrences again and again.
  • The strength of effectiveness can only be measured by the patients those who have opted for CANDROL as the adjuvant treatment and also as an independent line of treatment, or by experiencing the effect of this molecular medicine by taking it.

By making use of homeopathy immunotherapy cancer treatment one can avail best of the class medical facilities here in India at Jaipur by Dr. Rishi’s Homeopathy Cancer Research Centre, Jaipur (India).

The centre also provides facility to those patients who are not able to visit the hospital.

Thus, there is no need to physically visit the clinic for treatment.

So one sitting in any foreign location can avail the benefit of this treatment and can avail effective cancer treatment.

Thus, immunotherapy is definitely the future and so is Dr. Rishi’s breakthrough cancer treatment CANDROL. They are providing a platform to the cancer patients where they can fight against cancer and receive full guidance.They can lead a life full of vigor, confidence, and happiness.

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