What is Breast Cancer?

Before discussing the causes of Breast cancer, First of all, it is very important to understand that exactly what is breast cancer. In the most simple and understandable language, breast cancer refers to the condition when cells in the breasts start to grow in such a manner that the human body loses control over it. These untamed cells multiple to result in a tumor. This can often be detected quite clearly in x-rays or be felt like a lump.

breast cancer causes

Now, what comes to your mind must be the fact that if this is a tumor, how does it suddenly transform into a deadly disease like cancer. This expanding tumor is considered to have taken the form of cancer when it spreads and encroaches into the surrounding tissues or other parts of the human body.

It is important to note that it is a myth that only women suffer from breast cancer. The reality is that men too are prone to it. Both the sexes have breast tissues. The difference is only that in case of women, it grows with time. Thus, men should also be beware and not ignore the symptoms.

Causes of Breast Cancer and Symptoms

Now that you know what exactly breast cancer is, you must also know the breast cancer causes. This is what we term as the “risk factors”. It is very important to know the major causes of breast cancer that everyone ignores. This is bound to help you take precautionary measures and protect yourself. 

In fact, you may also make suggestions to close ones on what may potentially lead to breast cancer.

Major Causes of Breast Cancer

Let us now discuss the major causes of breast cancer in detail:

  • Genes: The first cause of breast cancer may be your genetic make-up. This means that individuals may be prone to breast cancer if anyone in their family previously had it. This implies that these dormant cells and tissues may be passed from one generation to another. Widely recognized breast cancer genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2. There are also risk factors relating to ovarian cancer.
  • Age: Another risk factor that makes one likely to cause breast cancer is increasing age. It is often noted that younger individuals are not likely to be affected by it. It is those of about 40 years of age or so, who may show symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Radiation Treatments: Exposure to radiation is another risk factor that cannot be overlooked. This means that if you have ever received or undergone treatment as a child that involved the use of radiations, then you may be slightly more prone than others to develop it.
  • Periods and Menopause: Every woman has to go through her monthly cycle of periods when the uterus lining is shed out of the body if the eggs remain unfertilized. It has now started in young girls of about the age of 11. According to studies. If the age of the first period is below 12, then that is another risk factor and may cause breast cancer afterward. In fact, women who begin menopause (the stop of periods) at a later age than the usual, are also inclined to be detected with breast cancer.
  • Pregnancy: Having a child is considered a boon by many and there are women who desperately wish to have a baby. But then, there are also those who do not wish to get pregnant or take the added responsibility of rearing up a child. How this cause breast cancer is due to the fact that if women have their first child after the age of 30 or do not conceive at all, they may be risking their lives and lad to the development of breast cancer.  
  • Medications: Women engaging in postmenopausal hormone therapy must beware. This treatment combines estrogen and progesterone which may be unsuitable and highly unrecommended. In case of engagement with these, we would suggest an immediate stop.
  • Alcohol is also another case and risk factor leading to breast cancer. Alcohol abuse is a major cause of Breast cancer which everyone ignores.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Please note that further stated are symptoms of breast cancer. But, there may also often changes in your body which may be similar to what you’re going to read ahead but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cancer.

Thus, it is advised to visit a doctor and get the necessary tests done before jumping to any conclusions. There is no need to panic as medicine has advanced and the human body is complex but can be understood well by experts.

  • There may be changes in the size of both or just one breast when compared to the other.
  • There may be a visible lump. Although sometimes, the lump is not visible but can be felt clearly when touched.
  • There may be a change in the texture of the skin. This means that there may be puckering or dimpling.
  • There may be the development of rashes or patches on/around the nipples.
  • Other than the shape of the breast, the shape of the nipple may also appear to be different.
  • There may be sudden and unsourced discharges from the breasts.
  • There may be a painful swelling or lump in the armpits or collarbone area.
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of energy and willingness to work
  • Weight loss

There are many treatments which palliate cancer but every such treatment comes with a number of side effects.

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