Liquor drinking is Injurious to health, Every drinker knows it too! But still, drinkers drink it, Alcohol addiction is very common and dangerous! Let’s find out why alcohol drinking is injurious and how to quit it!

Introduction – How Alcohol is Injurious to Health?

Drinking alcohol simply means you are putting yourself at risk! Drinking alcohol is injurious to health when you consume it in huge quantities. Moreover, the bad effects or the dangerous effects of alcohol ingestion mainly count with your age, your servings, as well as on other several factors. There is no contradicting that too much alcohol is injurious to health, which will show the way to grave health problems. Excess intake of alcohol can boost your risk of a variety of disorders. Moreover, drinking alcohol excessively and frequently will build up the calories, which can show the way to obesity and a higher jeopardy for weight-related diabetes.

Some Statistics That Show Alcohol Leads to Death

It is estimated that more than 60% of deadly burn wounds, homicides, and drownings are due to the consumption of a surplus amount of alcohol. It is also found that 50% of harsh trauma wounds and sexual physical attacks, as well as 40% of the lethal motor vehicle deaths and serious falls,  are happening because of alcohol intake.

Side Effects of Alcohol

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is good for health, but when it goes above the specified limit, it may cause a range of side effects in the body of the drinkers. It can even lead to death, as the body of the drinkers will go to the dehydrated condition. This means that the body will not have enough amount of water to function properly, which, in turn, will result in cardiac arrest as well as other heart-associated diseases, such as stroke. However, going through some alcohol is injurious to health quotes online will aid people to restrict their intake of alcohol in a considerable way.

In fact, the very effect of alcohol starts on your body as soon as you take the first sip.  Although taking a glass of wine occasionally with dinner does not create any health problems, the increasing frequency of drinking beer, wine, or spirits can create serious health troubles. Some of the other harmful effects of drinking too much alcohol include:

Health Issues

Drinking is injurious to health because when you drink alcohol heavily, you will be more susceptible to suffer from heart diseaseliver diseasesleep disordersstrokedepressionblood loss from your stomachsexually transmitted diseases from insecure sex, and all types of cancer. You will also have the risk of suffering from a variety of other health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious syndromes.

Birth Imperfections

alcohol drinking is injurious to health


Liquor drinking is injurious for health, not only for the mother but also for the baby! Women drinking alcohol during their pregnancy can result in brain damage and will create other grave health issues for the health of her baby. Although, it is not yet identified whether any quantity of alcohol is harmless for a developing newborn. But, if you are pregnant or turning out to be pregnant, it is safe for you and your baby to stay away from drinking alcohol.

Alcohol Use Muddles

An alcohol use muddle or disorder is a medical chaos that physicians can detect when the alcohol drinking of a patient causes harm or distress.

Damages to The Digestive and Endocrine Glands

Drinking alcohol excessively can cause the unusual creation of digestive enzymes manufactured by the pancreas. When these enzymes are accumulated in your body, it can show the way to inflammation called pancreatitis, which can cause serious health problems.

Seditious Harm

The liver plays a vital part in breaking down and removing injurious substances, including alcohol from your body. When you use alcohol for a longer period, it will affect the function of the liver. It may make you suffer from chronic liver irritation and liver infection, as well. This is a serious disease called cirrhosis, which will form a scar in the liver tissue and it will destroy your entire liver. In due course, the liver will become incapable to eliminate toxins from your body.



liquor drinking is injurious to health

Alcohol addiction is the major reason why many consider drinking alcohol injurious to health. Alcohol makes you dependent on it in every possible way. Whether it is the time of celebration or any moment of sadness, the addicted person always rushes to get alcohol for accompanying it with the moments. Without the involvement of alcohol, the addicted person feels a sort of incompleteness. When you become an addict to alcohol, it may develop an emotional dependency as well. Also, the repeated heavy drinking starts interfering in your personal relationship too and you as a dependent on alcohol, start feeling the bitterness in the relationship. Slowly, it becomes very difficult for you to overcome the addiction. You will often need expert help to break the addiction. Liquor drinking is injurious for health and also for your loved ones!

WARNING!! Alcohol Can Lead to Cancer

One of the worst effects of drinking too much alcohol is that it can cause cancer. It does not matter that whether you spread your drink on a couple of days or you drink it every day, the fact is that alcohol consumption leads to cancer. Also, there is no difference in negative effects of all types of alcohols as all varieties of alcohol are equally harmful to health. Drinking alcohol can simply cause various types of cancer including liver cancermouth cancer, pharyngeal cancer, oesophageal cancer, bowel cancer and laryngeal cancer.

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Effective Ways to Quit Drinking

One of the DIY ways to quit drinking is by seeing some alcohol drinking is injurious to health images online, so that you can understand its harmful effects. If you would like to quit drinking, first, it is necessary to know the risk of being an alcohol dependent. Then, you should have a detailed discussion with your family doctor or a reliable healthcare expert to know the ways to come out of the habit as quickly as possible. There are many alcohol support services, as well, from where you can look for the advice. Moreover, quitting your drinking is not easy, particularly if you are a serious drunkard.


drinking is injurious to health

Some of the other ways of coming out from the alcohol addiction include:

  • Know your intention of quitting your drinking habit.
  • Avoid giving room for temptation.
  • Make your drinking process as gradual as possible. This means that you can reduce your per day alcohol intake slowly, rather than avoiding it completely all of a sudden.
  • Reward yourself for the improvement.
  • Take pleasure in the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can view an alcohol is injurious to health PPT online, as well.

Immunotherapy works immensely, as well, as a long-acting treatment to bring you out of your alcohol addiction successfully, naturally, and safely. The treatment can be administered either as active vaccines or as passive monoclonal antibodies.


More study remains to be carried out on the relative benefits and risks of drinking alcohol but still alcohol drinking is injurious to health and will be forever. Usually, smoking and drinking is injurious to the health for any individual. However, the main thing is that to get any sort of health benefits from drinking alcohol or reducing its harmful effects, you are supposed to drink it responsibly. This means that you are supposed to drink only 1 to 2 serving sessions per day with the moderate amount of alcohol. You can drink it during your mealtime and consider it an overall healthy meal. However, you should also make sure that you are not going beyond your calorie requirements.

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