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Cancer Treatment in Jaipur, India

What is CANDROL?

CANDROL is the 4th modality of treatment in oncology working on Molecular Homeopathy Immunotherapy.


Immunotherapy utilizes the body’s natural healing power to facilitate immune system to fight against diseases.

Success Stories

Read success stories of our treated cancer patients as they say it and get confident for yourself to fight against cancer.

Immunotherapy based Cancer Treatments


Blood Cancer

Studies have proved that using homeopathic medicines to treat blood cancer symptoms has reduced the side effects of post cancer treatment.


Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the commonest form of cancer that is caused due to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the Lung.


Oral/Mouth Cancer

Homeopathy for oral cancer treatment is a comparatively new treatment method offered through CANDROL by Dr. Rishi Sharma.


Stomach Cancer

Homeopathic Treatment for Stomach Cancer offers promising results and has a lot of potential to treat cancerous diseases to the core.


Tumors Cancer

Tumors and cancer are two most fatal diseases if not diagnosed and properly treated on time.


Liver Cancer

Liver, the largest gland in the human body. Liver Cancer occurs due to the mutation in the liver cell’s DNA.


Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer, which is nowadays most common problem in woman can be treated naturally by CANDROL.


Gall Bladder Cancer

Gall bladder cancer is a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the Gallbladder- a pear-shaped organ just beneath the liver.


Brain Tumor

Brain tumor occurs due to the presence of an abnormal, uncontrolled division of cells within the brain.


Cervical Cancer

Every woman is at the risk of cervical cancer; with women over the age of 30 are most likely to get infected with cervical cancer.


Pancreatic Cancer

The risk of pancreatic cancer is high for aged people, especially those with heavy smoking habits.


Urinary Bladder Cancer

Cancer in urinary bladder occurs due to the uncontrolled growth of cells that line the wall of the urinary bladder.

Why Choose Candrol Over Other Cancer Treatments ?

  • 100% safe, side-effect free anticancer treatment modality.
  • 70-80% success rate of treatments.
  • No materialistic quantity of medicine is involved.
  • CANDROL is regarded as safest anticancer treatment.
  • Results produced by CANDROL are long-lasting.
  • Effective and Affordable cancer treatment in India.
  • CANDROL remains the first choice of treatment line in terminal cases.
  • The treatment has gained popularity in more than 100 countries across the globe

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Dr Rishi Sharma

Best Homeopathy Oncologist in Rajasthan

Dr. Rishi Sharma is awarded as “Best Homeopathy Oncologist in Rajasthan” for his world class cancer treatment at Candrol Hospital in Jaipur, India and internationally. He is among India’s best oncologists. As an author of several articles in National and International Journals, he is respected and appreciated all over the world.

This Approach Is the Only Science of Future That Can Change the Definition of Cancer Treatment, Based On the Very Scientific and Strong Foundation of Metaphysics and Molecular Biology.– Dr. Rishi Sharma

Successful Cancer Treatments

Words of Patient Satisfaction

Candrol- Cancer Treatment in India

Candrol is a hospital providing cancer treatment in India. It is one of the leading hospitals for cancer treatment in Jaipur. It all started with a vision from Dr Rishi Sharma to provide the best healthcare and cancer treatment to the people with advanced protocols and techniques. The vision took a shape in form for an institution that provides treatment for almost all types of cancer. Located in Malviya Nagar, near Jawahar Circle in Jaipur, Candrol is the best cancer hospital in Jaipur. 

Also, when it comes to specialists, we prefer none but the best. With an expert leadership team in the form of Dr Rishi Sharma, Dr M.K. Sharma, and Dr Pooja Sharma, we make sure that you are in safe hands for your treatments. With years of experience, our expert doctors provide the best cancer treatment in Jaipur. With our Director and founder Dr Rishi Sharma awarded Best Homeopathy Oncologist in Rajasthan at International Awards in 2018, we are a wonderful family and take proud in treating each patient with care.

Candrol Cancer therapy is the best cancer treatment?

When it comes to cancer and its treatment, people often get confused as to where they should be getting their treatments done. With so many hospitals providing the treatments, how to choose the best from it all? The only way to do is to look at the treatment and therapy methods used in the treatment of cancer.

For that, Candrol cancer hospital in Jaipur is the best in proving cancer cure in India.  Candrol Cancer therapy looks into the depths of the needs and requirements of the patient, facilitating all the methods and techniques possible. We follow our “Candrol Protocol” designed by our Director, founder, and expert Dr Rishi Sharma to give the best treatment to any individual that is not just tested but effective as well. Let’s look more into the Candrol Cancer Treatment Hospital Protocol for cancer treatment.

Resulting as the 4th modality of cancer treatment, Candrol therapy is providing cancer cure in India with best results. With treatments for blood cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer, gallbladder cancer, urinary bladder cancer, stomach cancer, brain tumours, pancreatic cancer, etc., almost all types of cancer can be treated with Candrol, making it the best cancer treatment in India.

Candrol Advantages for cancer cure?

There are various treatments available for cancer then why Candrol? We’ll tell you why. Let’s see what are the advantages of Candrol cancer treatment for cancer cure:

Designed for each patient according to needs: Each and every patient have different needs and requirements when it comes to the treatment of cancer. We design our Candrol Protocol according to the specific details and needs of a patient.

No side effects: Side effects like vomiting, hair loss, weight loss, diarrhoea, dizziness, injections or pain are not recorded till date in our patients with Candrol therapy we provide.

Better post-treatment lifestyle: We apply our specific therapy protocols in treatment to nullify the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improving the post-treatment lifestyle of the patients that are often affected by harsh treatment methods.

Cost-Friendly: Cancer is life-threatening and its treatment should be provided with lots of care and precision. We understand that and to provide the best cancer treatment in India, our prices are affordable and as low as one-third of the common treatment methods.

Cells damage and osteoradionecrosis prevented: Radiation and chemotherapy used in cancer treatment can damage healthy cells along with the cancer cells. Also, osteoradionecrosis or bone death can occur during such treatments that can lead to bone pain and irregular blood counts after the treatment. However, with our Candrol therapy at our cancer hospital in Jaipur, we prevent these from happening and maintain healthy blood counts and bone health.

Immunotherapy: The new age cancer treatment

When it comes to diseases and its treatments, the use of chemicals seems imminent and necessary. But as the best cancer hospital in Jaipur, we turn our attention to modern and more natural treatment practices. With immunotherapy as one of them, we ensure the natural treatments are given for the best results. But what is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a type of biological cancer treatment in India that helps our immune system to fight cancer naturally. Biological treatments use natural substances for treatment. Living organisms take an important part in biological treatments. In case of cancer, some Immunotherapies helps your immune system to mark and identify the cancer cells and fight them effectively while other immunotherapies improve the functionality of your immune system that boosts it to fight cancer cells.

In this new age, with advanced methods like immunotherapy to fight cancer, our team for cancer treatment in Jaipur makes sure that you get only the best, healthiest and effective treatments possible.

Why Choose Candrol for cancer treatment?

There are more than one reasons why you should choose Candrol cancer hospital in Jaipur. Some of the reasons are:

Expert doctors and team: We have a team of expert doctors that looks into every minor detail for your treatment and the methods. All of our doctors have huge experience and skill set to perform all possible kind of treatments for any indusial.

Cancer Specialist Director: Our Director Dr Rishi Sharma is recently awarded as the Best Oncologist at International Healthcare Awards 2018, encouraging the fact that the institution emphasizes on the best treatment for cancer.

New and Modern Treatment techniques: We use all the modern and new age methods and technologies for cancer treatment. We know the advancements can be really helpful and hence, we constantly look for better and effective ways of treatments. So, new and natural treatments like Immunotherapy is our forte.

All cancer treatments with no side effects: We are a one-pit stop as a cancer treatment hospital for almost all types of cancer treatments. Also, our methods and therapies have no side effects with zero recorded side effects to date. This is a major advantage as it provides a better and healthy life even after the cancer treatment is complete.

We are best at what we do and cancer treatment is really our forte. With the best team of experts, treatment methods, prices, and experience, we provide the best cancer treatment in Jaipur. Contact us for queries and concerns.

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