In the past decade when our parents were young, none of the people were used to worry about the nourishment for the tumor. The reason for this may be because research on the cancer was at the beginning and also in the past few years this disease is rapidly spreading. In the present situation, Cancer is the second highest death causing disease in India after cardiovascular disease. The main reason behind such a high rate of cancer deaths in India is the unconscious and improper diet. So, to assist you in that, we are proving you with the list of 12 cancer-causing foods which must avoid in order to prevent cancer as having a healthy diet is the best treatment for cancer.

One another reason for growing cancer is processed food, people use to intake more and more beneficial sustenances which were accessible to them that time.

Although, today scientist have to interface everything eatable to causing a tumor. Do we remember anything that can make us stronger without harming us? Many of us partake diet sodas or low-calorie popcorn for a healthier diet but actually, most of the people don’t even know that these are the most dangerous cancer-causing foods.  So how is it possible to live a healthy life without worrying about cancer.

Hence, we are sharing with you the most dangerous cancer-causing foods which you must avoid and if you find this article useful then please share it with your friends and loved ones so that everyone can be benefitted.

#1 Red and Processed Meat

#1 cancer causing food - Red and Processed Meat

Although this may sounds little tough for you if you are a meat lover,  that processed meat outweigh the cancer risk. Researches from past 13 years has shown that in all over the world one out of seventeen people died from cancer who ate processed meat not less than 160 grams 44% higher than the people who ate 20 grams or less.

Processed meats are actually prepared with excessive salts and harmful chemicals in order to make them look fresh that damage our well being which are referred as carcinogens.

Smoked meats are considered as most dangerous as they pick tar from the smoking process. Warning for the cigarette lovers, the same thing is found in cigarette smoke also.

Well, when it comes to red meat, it is believed that red meat increases the risk of cancer. WHO researches have shown that every 100 gram portion of red meat could increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 17%.

If you love to eat meat, then go with grass-fed, organic and hormone-free varieties and its better to consume less than 100 grams meat daily in order to avoid cancer because prevention is better than cure.

#2 Hydrogenated Oils

#2 Cancer Causing Food -Hydrogenated Oils

Unlike the Olive oil, Soy or Canola Oil, Hydrogenated Oils are not naturally extracted. These are mainly used to preserve processed foods in pantry to maintain their shelf life as well as make them look as alluring as possible. This can be surprising for you but the truth is Hydrogenated Oils can cause cancer as they influence the cell membranes structure and flexibility.

Beside the cancer, it is also linked with heart disease, birth defects, and other fatalities. People are advised not to cook their food with the Hydrogenated Oils. Apart from Hydrogenated oils you can consider Olive, Soy and Canola Oils.

#3 Processed White Flour

#3 cancer causing food - Processed White Flour

You might remember that Oprah lost a considerable measure of weight by removing everything white from her diet, particularly the most guilty part and i.e. White flour. From our parents you must have heard infinite times that it is awful for you but we mostly don’t understand that synthetically white flour which contains chlorine gas slaughters every last bit of sound supplements. Chlorine can be poisonous even when breathed in, so how could you accept it in your food.

Beside the above, white flour also consists of high glycemic rate, which can raise your blood sugar and insulin level directly related to diabetes. Harmful tumors feast upon sugar in the circulation system, hence giving up refined grains like processed flour can keep you away or destructive tumors.

#4 Refined Sugars

#4 cancer causing food - Refined Sugars

Believe it or not, but tumors feed themselves with the sugar to get increase in size and even they love refined sugars which spike the insulin level and lead to cancer growth. The fact of the refined sugar can lead to cancer was discovered by the Otto Warburg in 1931, awarded by the nobel prize.

Most of the refined sweets contains high fructose corn syrup which is found as the worst offender and known to feed the cancer cells for a long time. This is one of the biggest reason why cancer cells spread so rapidly because most of the people like the sugary taste.

#5 Alcohol

#5 cancer causing food - Alcohol

You might have already know that tobacco and alcohol cause cancer. However, it is also true that alcohol has proven useful in reducing the heart disease risk but its overdose can lead to heart failure or even stroke beside cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer, after tobacco.

Experts working for the world health organisation proved that excessive intake of alcohol can lead to mouth, liver, rectum, colon, esophagus and female breast cancers.

If you are addicted to wine, then limit your daily consumption at one glass per day for women and two glass for men.

#6 Soft Drinks

#6 Cancer Causing food - Soft Drinks

Regardless of what you call it whether a Soda, Soft Drink, Cold Drink, Canned juices or anything else they will still inconvenient to your health. Soft drinks have zero nourishing advantages but loaded with calories, sugar, and other harmful artificial ingredients.

You might not believe, but just one can of cold drink contains around ten bundles of sugar.

Besides this, most popular cold drinks and soft drinks are about as harmful to dental lacquer as sulfuric acid. Do you think that weekly or occasionally soft drinks won’t harm your wellbeing? Then you are wrong because studies have demonstrated that exclusive drinking two soft drinks every two weeks can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

There are plenty of options available, so make sure what you are delivering your body. Always remember Health is Wealth.

#7 Microwave Popcorn

#7 Cancer causing food - Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is considered as a light, tasty and healthier snack and nothing could beat the idea of making something in just a few minutes other than popcorn. But do you know that It leads to liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer.

The reason behind such is, the microwave popcorns which followed with carcinogenic chemicals also creates an artificial butter flavor. However, if it is not possible for you to give up your favorite and quick snack then you are advised to cook them over the stove or a kernel popping machine which is often available at the movie theaters.

#8 Canned Tomatoes

#8 cancer causing food - Canned Tomatoes

What are you talking about? Are you thinking like such? This may be because you have heard that Lycopene in tomatoes lowers the risk of cancer. Yes this is true but unfortunately the entire benefit gets cancelled through the lining of canned tomatoes which contains chemicals called Bisphenol – A  or BPA that disrupts the hormonal activity in the body example tomato sauce.

The BPA can increase the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, early puberty, infertility, metabolic disorders and type- 2 diabetes.

And we are aware of the fact that tomatoes are highly acidic which result in chemical BPA to leach from the lining of the can into tomatoes. This can lead to different types of cancers, heart disease, and reproductive problems.

From now, make sure to use the fresh tomatoes when you cook a meal or planning to prepare a tomato sauce then store it in the glass jars.

#9 Potato Chips

#9 Cancer Causing Food Potato-Chips

No not this, potato chips are cheap, simple and mouth watering but actually addiction of anything could be dangerous and one such addition is potato chips. Beside the weight gain, this fatty food comprises of excessive sodium levels, artificial flavors and preservatives and colors which can lead to high blood pressure.

Even one another dangerous substance found in potato chips is acrylamide, a popular carcinogen which is present in cigarettes. Don’t feed these snacks for either yourself or your family instead you can feed with banana or apple chips.

#10 Dairy Products

#10 Cancer Causing food - Dairy Products

Well well well, dairy products are the richest source of calcium and calcium is miraculous for the bone strength. But specialist are showing the link between high consumption of calcium and the development of prostate cancer. This is on the ground that  calcium rich dairy items can bring down your body’s count of 1,25 – dihydroxy vitamin D3, the hormone which fight against the prostate cancer cells in Men. Hence, by lowering such you are making your body vulnerable for the cancer development.

Researches proved that higher consumption of dairy products can lead to development of cancer cells rather than those who consumed less.

#11 Low Fat Food Diet Food

#11 Cancer causing food - Low Fat Food Diet Food

You might believe you’re making the best decision while picking a nourishment with a “low-fat” mark, yet you’re really doing much more damage than great. Substance manufactured sweetener aspartame, once more, is the enormous reason, causing tumor, birth deformities and heart issues. Consider it – anything “eat less carbs” is artificially handled and not REAL nourishment. These sustenances likewise contain added substances like ones found in cocaine to influence you to rest easy, yet additionally be addicting. Be savvy and eat nature’s delightful, normal nourishments – natural just, obviously!

#12 Non Organic Products

#12 cancer causing foood - Non Organic Product

Do you think that all fruits and vegetables are beneficial for you, yet there are really numerous hazardous pesticides showered on non-natural organic products that are connected to disease like cancer. One of the best illustration is Atrazine, a weed-executioner utilized at numerous U.S. farms, yet restricted in Europe for causing extreme issues in people, for example, infertility. Another issue with non-natural cultivated create is the utilization of poisonous composts and hormones used to make foods grown from the ground greater. In the event that you were pondering, the most noticeably bad fruits are apples, trailed by oranges, strawberries and grapes. Wash fruits and vegetables before eat  grown from the ground to be protected, yet realize this doesn’t evacuate all pesticides.

So, visit the doctor to plan the best diet plan.

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