Lung Cancer, also known as the Lung Carcinoma is a tumour caused by the uncontrolled growth of infected cells. For the better understanding and treatment of lung cancer, the lung cancer is subdivided into two sub-categories. The two types of Lung Cancer are:

types of lung cancer

  1. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
  2. Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)

Doctors conduct a variety of diagnostic test to decide which type of lung cancer is affecting the patient body, what is its stage and how harsh treatments are required at that stage. Read the detailed information about the lung cancer types below.

Detailed Information About the types of Lung Cancer

#1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Around 80 to 85% of the lung cancer patients are suffering from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). The general cause observed behind NSCLC is smoking and exposure to asbestos. So, be careful otherwise get ready to experience the symptoms like Chest Pain, Coughing, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Body Pain, Coughing up blood, etc. The massive disadvantage of NSCLC is that is doesn’t show any symptoms at the initial stage. According to the severity, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer is further divided into three types:

  • Adenocarcinoma

 Out of 80 to 85% of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients, about 40% of them are suffering from Adenocarcinoma. Generally, the accumulation of substance like Mucus on the walls of airways causes adenocarcinoma. This Non-small cell lung cancer type targets the outer parts of the lungs, therefore the efficiency of growth of infected cells is quite low as compared to other lung cancer types and it is easy to diagnose too (In Adenocarcinoma, the effect on the internal parts of lungs is minimum). So, Adenocarcinoma is classified as the initial stage of lung cancer. But the impact and influence of Adenocarcinoma vary according to the patient’s body. Therefore, this initial stage can be very severe for the patients who have lesser immunity.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma

types of lung cancer small cell

The possibility of getting diagnosed with this type of non-small cell lung cancer type is about 25%. Squamous Cell Lung Cancer is generally found in the middle of the lungs. It affects the Squamous cells present in the airways in lungs. Also, this type of lung cancer is called Epidermoid carcinoma (cancer which is developed by the infected Squamous cells). The primary symptoms which are experienced in this type of NSCLC are Cough, Chest Pain, Trouble Breathing, etc. Whereas the primary causes behind this type of lung cancer are Smoking, age, genes, second-hand smoke,  asbestos, radon, metal dust.

  • Large Cell Carcinoma

different types of lung cancers

The people suffering from this type of lung cancer is about 10% of total patients who are undergoing from non-small cell lung cancer. Large Cell Lung Carcinoma is called so, because of its tumour cell size under the microscope. Infected cells in this type of cancer are found in the central part of the lungs. Also, the cells grow faster in Large Cells Carcinoma and affect the nearby lymph nodes in quick succession. Therefore, if you get to notice symptoms like coughing up blood, loss of weight, fatigue, breathing problem, pneumonia in the same part of lungs, etc in your body, go for an immediate check-up.

#2 Small Cell Lung Cancer

type of lung cancer

The people in the radar of Small Cell Lung Cancer are those who have a habit of smoking a number of cigarettes in a day or a long time smoker or the secondhand smokers. All of these people have the same probability of getting diagnosed with SCLC. Out of 100 Lung cancer patients, 10% of them fall under this type of Lung Cancer. Small cell lung cancer possesses a faster growth rate and affects the nearby parts easily. So, be attentive in judging the symptoms of Small Cell Lung Cancer as most of the patients fails to do so and faces a lot of pain later. The primary signs of the Small cell lung cancer are Chest Pain, Breathing Problem, Coughing, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Swelling of Face, Weight Loss. Small Cell Lung Cancer is largely diagnosed in Men.

After reading the article, you must be now aware of the different types of lung cancer. If you are facing any of the above symptoms, go for multiple detection tests, followed by the treatment according to the reports. Always remember that specific lung cancer type treatment is more helpful compared to the general lung cancer treatment.

For More Information on Lung Cancer, Its Survival rate, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment follow the link given!


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