Today’s Blog is dedicated to the major signs and symptoms of Lung Cancer in Men. How many of you think that only smoking can cause lung cancer? Most of us think it that way but there are some other factors also that plays a major role in developing lung cancer in men. Yeah, lung cancer symptoms in Men need to be taken seriously and diagnosed immediately. Smokers have a higher chance of catching the disease because the smoke does not spare any body’s lung once it gets the breaking points. In this article, we’ll discuss the overview of lung cancer and major lung cancer symptoms in men. 

Overview of Lung Cancer

Smokers, especially the ones who puff out 30 packs of cigarettes in a year have a high chance of catching the disease. So, what is this lung cancer anyway? Basically, it all starts at the cellular level. Lung cancer starts to develop in the cells of the lungs. They grow in numbers and destroy nearby tissues and keep on doing that until the final stage arrives where the treatment is almost impossible. The worst thing that can happen is it can also spread to other parts of the body.

lung cancer symptoms in men

Risk Factors for Lung Cancer in Males

The risk factor is something that increases the chances of developing cancer. Most cancers are the result of many risk factors that work in combination to destroy your normal cells. For lung cancer, one is smoking. The risk of lung cancer also increases with the age. If you have been a chain smoker for years and are still in your 40s or 50s, it’s a great thing, lucky you! But studies show that majority of lung cancer shows its actual color among people ages 60 years or older (might vary according to regions, environment, climatic conditions, food habits, work out habits, and many things).

Risk factors that are known to add up to lung cancer:

  1.    Smoking
  2.    Passive Smoking
  3.    Radon
  4.    Pollutants from vehicles, factories
  5.    Exposure to certain chemicals, if you are a chemical worker
  6.    Arsenic in Drinking Water
  7.    Asbestos (Workers working in Asbestos mines have high chances

Important Facts About Lung Cancer in Men

  • Lung cancer is one of the major causes of death in men due to cancers.
  • The lifetime risk of developing lung cancer in men is 1 in every 13 men.
  • 90% of lung cancer cases in men are related to smoking.
  • Broadly, there are two types of lung cancer- small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The small cell lung cancer type is most common in men.
  • The chances of lung cancer survival in men are less in comparison to that of women.

Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men

The lung cancer symptoms in men vary from one person to another. One may experience severe affects whereas other may not. So, if any men face any of the below mentioned lung cancer symptoms, go for an immediate check-up.

#1 Chest Pain

For a sigh of relief for those who are having chest pain currently, it is not necessary that it is a symptom of lung cancer in men. It can be due to excessive coughing or maybe the cold has a firm hold on the lungs. But if it has been there for a long time then probably there is something to worry about regardless of being a smoker or a nonsmoker.

Follow the given link for early stage signs and symptoms of lung cancer

#2 Short Breaths

There can be several reasons for shortness of breath. One is an accumulation of fluids between the lungs and the chest wall. The invasion of cancer into lymphatics and venous structures is responsible for allowing fluids to leave your chest. A blockage, in those areas, prevents the fluids to drain. This causes breath shortness and you feel like you are not getting enough air into the lungs, because of the fluid that won’t allow the lungs to expand. Short breaths are a possible cause of lung cancer in men and must be diagnosed as soon as possible

#3 Coughing up Blood

This is a dangerous symptom of blood cancer in men and should be diagnosed immediately. Blood coughing can also be a symptom of TB but that too is a serious disease if not taken care of at the right time.

#4 Frequent Lung Infections

If infections like pneumonia and bronchitis are recurring every 6 months, then that too is a red sign of liver cancer symptom in men.

What to do if you feel there is some problem in your lungs?

You should immediately visit your doctor and get a CT scan of your lungs done as soon as possible.

Treatments of Lung Cancer in Men

There are several Lung Cancer Treatments depending on the condition of the patient. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy. Among these, immunotherapy is being considered by many patients. Immunotherapy empowers an individual’s own immune system to fight cancer and is a complete change in the patient’s treatment experience.

Chances of getting lung cancer are higher in men than in women. The only way to prevent lung cancer is to quit smoking as early as possible. Other factors are not in our control, but this is!        

For a detailed article on symptoms and signs of lung cancer follow the link.                                                                                           

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