During the different cancer treatment methods, a number of drugs are inserted into the body to get cancer cured. But there is a possibility that not all the drugs mix well with the patient’s body. In such a situation, the body starts to experience a different kind of side effects during and after the lung cancer treatment. The factors which influence the frequency and number of side effects are the length of treatment, dosage prescribed, and a person’s health history.

The side effects of lung cancer treatment can be severe, painful, and uncomfortable for the patient. So, to know about the different side effects after lung cancer treatment, you need to go through the complete article.

Lung Cancer Chemotherapy Side Effects

#1 Blood Clots:

side effects of lung cancer treatment

There is a possibility that the patients can experience blood clots after the cancer treatment. But this can get easily prevented by implementing proper methods and by taking proper care.

#2 Chemobrain:

Side effects of lung cancer chemoptherapy treatment

Chemobrain is one of the common side effects of lung cancer treatment. The patient might experience a problem with memory and concentration power.

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#3 Mouth Sores:

After undergoing the lung cancer treatment, the patient might feel the irritation in the mucosa. Mucosa is the soft tissues that cover the tongue inside of the mouth. This causes the problem called Oral mucositis, also known as Mouth Sores. The issue of mouth sores generally occurs after Chemotherapy. Not so common but a possible lung cancer chemotherapy side effect!

#4 Pain:

There is a possibility that you can experience pain after the cancer treatment. If you endure so, bring it to the attention of the physician, so that proper medical treatment can be given to you.

#5 Rashes

Side effects after lung cancer treatment

Generally, the targeted therapy for Lung Cancer results in rashes as it blocks epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs) which leads to rashes and other bothersome skin conditions.

#6 Bone Issues

lung cancer treatment side effects

As we all know that cancer starts or spreads in the bones. This causes pain in the bones along with other complications like high calcium levels in the blood, weakening of the bone, and fractures. So, eliminate or to resolve such kind of complication, the doctors use different types of lung cancer treatment methods which may give rise to different types of bone issues.

#7 Fatigue

lung cancer chemotherapy side effects

Fatigue, a common side effect of many of the cancer treatment methods. The problem of fatigue will slowly get cured with time.

#8 Weight Loss or Gain

chemotherpay for lung cancer - side effects

The person who has gone through the cancer treatment can experience random weight gain or weight loss. Treatment methods like chemotherapy, steroid medications, and hormone therapy can cause the sudden weight loss or weight gain.

#9 Dental Issues

side effects of lung cancer treatment by chemotherapy

After the cancer treatment, a number of dental side effects are experienced by the lung cancer patients. Problems like tooth decay, dry mouth, and mouth sores are some of the dental issues caused due to lung cancer treatment methods. So, if any patient faces any such problem, the immediate check-up is recommended.

#10 Nausea and Vomiting

lung cancer treatment sideeffects

Again, this is quite a common type of side effect of lung cancer treatment, and it can easily be resolved with the help of certain kinds of medicines.

#10 Diarrhea

cancer treatment side effects

The main cause found behind Diarrhea is Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. A person suffering from Diarrhea can experience two or more loose bowel movements in a day. Inform the doctor about your medical status in order to get everything right.

#11 Hair Loss

side effects of chemotherapy during lung cancer treatment

The main cause observed behind hair loss is chemotherapy. The drugs used in the chemotherapy treatment of Lung Cancer weakens the hair follicles which leads to a quick hair loss. But there is no need to worry as, after the lung cancer treatment, the hairs start to grow naturally again. Hair loss is the most common lung cancer chemotherapy side effect among all!

#12 Neuropathy

After the chemotherapy treatment of lung cancer, some of the patients experience numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. Take a healthy diet and consult with the doctor to cure this.

These are the major side effects of Lung Cancer treatment which the patients can experience. Again, note that the severity of these side effects varies from person to person. So, consult the cancer specialist, if you experience any kind of such side effects.

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