Our today’s blog is dedicated to the oral cancer diagnosis and treatment options because diagnosis or detection test is always an essential procedure for the treatment of oral cancer. Many times we have heard doctors saying that it’s too late as the treatable stage of cancer is gone. This is because the patients are unable to diagnose the changes in time and sometimes symptoms are also not prominent.

Through this article, get to know in detail about the Treatment and diagnosis of Oral Cancer.

Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

oral cancer diagnosis


There are a lot of options available for the doctors to detect oral cancer and its staging. If you are suffering from any of the oral cancer symptoms or you, have a habit of oral cancer causes, or you are in exposure to the Oral Cancer causes, then an immediate check-up is suggested to you. The various tests which the doctors can conduct according to your body and medical history are as follows:

Physical Examination

The physical test is the primary test for all diagnosis as it helps in providing the overview of the patient health. In the physical examination/ test, the doctor will check and carefully examine the health of mouth, throat, cheeks, Lymph nodes of the neck. According to the state of these organs, a report will be prepared for the further test.


Through Endoscopy, doctors manage to check the interior of the throat and mouth. In general, we define endoscopy as a nonsurgical method of testing the digestive tract of a person. In Endoscopy, a flexible tube called an endoscope is entered into the body through the digestive tract. This endoscope is attached with a light and camera which enables the doctors to view the state of the body on a big color screen. For Oral Cancer, upper endoscopy is suggested at the initial level as in upper Endoscopy, doctors pass an endoscope through the mouth and through to test and check its overall health.   

Now coming to the safety of Endoscopy. It is an entirely safe diagnostic method, but there is a possibility of infection, bleeding, Perforation.


X-ray is quite a standard method which the doctors primarily go for. X-ray is used to create the images of the internal structures of the body by using a small amount of radiation.

Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

We can call Computed Tomography (CT Scan) as an upgraded version of X-ray. Through CT Scan, doctors can scan out the complete body to find out the infected sections. CT Scan gives a more detailed status of the body as it uses both X-rays and Computer to create pictures of infected parts.

In CT Scan, rays are passed through the targeted site which gives a series of images from various different angles, and according to that, the computer creates 2D and 3D cross-sectional images. When coming to the productivity of CT Scan, it is quite useful, but during CT Scan, ionizing radiation is passed through the body which is harmful to the body. According to research, Ionizing Radiation may damage your DNA which can lead to cancer, but the chances of Cancer through this radiation is 1:2000.


A biopsy is a diagnostic method in which tissue is taken out from the infected area. The pathologist checks the tissue under the microscope to determine the stage, and further treatment of cancer caused. The various methods to conduct Biopsy are:

  • Incision or Punch Biopsy
  • A fine needle aspiration with Cytology
  • Nasendoscopy
  • Panendoscopy

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

In Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the magnetic waves and radio waves are used to create an image of body organs. This is a quite useful and suggested method when the doctors want to have a vision of soft tissues like tonsils, the base of tongue, etc. Also, MRI is used to check the size of the tumor.  

Now, coming to the safety of MRI, it is a safe and painless method. Also, no radiation is released during MRI as involves magnetic waves (no x-rays).

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is used by the doctors when they need to have a detailed 3D image of the body organs. For the best results and a better understanding of the stage, PET is combined with a CT scan, and MRI called PET-CT Scan and PET-MRI respectively. 

Treatment of Oral Cancer

Treatment of Oral Cancer is determined according to the diagnostic reports.  Some of the most common methods for the oral cancer treatment are:


In simple words, Chemotherapy is a treatment of cancer by drugs. An amount of chemo drug is given to the body in order to kill the cancerous cells present in the body. Chemotherapy is an effective method of dealing with cancer, but the major drawback of this chemo drugs is that it may cause or lead to a number of side effects.


Through surgery, doctors remove the entire tumor or lymph nodes from the mouth and reconstruct the removed part either by pedicle or by free flap reconstruction.

Radiation Therapy

In Radiation Therapy, doctors target cancer affected cells with radiation beams in order to eliminate them without harming the healthy cells. For oral cancer treatment, there are two types of Radiation Therapy which the doctors mostly go for.

  • External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT)
  • Brachytherapy

Targeted Drug Therapy

In this treatment, doctors aim to stop or minimize the growth of cancer cells by injecting drugs into cancer infected sites. Also, doctors are seen suggesting Targeted Drug Therapy with Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.

These were some of the treatment methods which the doctors opt according to your health and stage of the disease. Apart from all these treatments, nutrition (diet) also plays a vital role in treating Oral Cancer. To know about the best diet plan for the oral cancer patients, book an appointment with our expert by filling the contact form.

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