Are you a smoker or victim of second-hand smoke then be aware as it is recorded that 80% of the Lung Cancer cases in India are caused due to smoking. Actually, smoking is the strongest and basic reason factor for lung cancer although it may be caused by the amalgamation of other factors.

However, there are plenty of other reasons which lead to Lung Cancer including air pollution, second-hand smoke, environmental hazards etc., it holds you even if you have never ever smoked. As per the facts, Lung Cancer is the leading cancer killer in the U.S. and found that about 20% of the people who died from Lung Cancer has never smoked.

Most of the people believe that Lung Cancer has only one direction and that is death. Their thought might not be wrong as lung cancer kills more than 1.3 million people every year. But do you know that lung cancer treatment in its early stage is very much possible? Even one of the research conducted by the National Cancer Institute has shown that survival rate is 50% high in the Lung Cancer which has not metastasized or spread to other organs.

Lung cancer may not warn you at the early stages and become hard to notice until it gets advanced. Through this article, we are sharing you the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer which should be brought to the notice of your doctor as soon as you discover it.

7 Early Stage Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

  1. Persistent Cough that won’t Quit
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Overwhelmed Fatigue
  4. Persistent Chest and Back Pain
  5. Unexplained Appetite and Weight Loss
  6. Frequent Fever
  7. Headache

#1 Persistent Cough that Won’t Quit

1st sign and symptom of lung cancer - cough

People suffering from the Lung Cancer face a recurrent cough for months or even some years and also they feel hoarseness in their voice. The cough is usually dry which comes with allergies, flu or cold. Phlegm may be noticeable in light orange or brown or red with blood. Or sometimes they may experience blood in their saliva.

If a chronic cough or hoarseness does not realise you even after a week or two then you should consult with your doctor as a cough comes with cold or some infection goes away in a week or two but a persistent cough that holds you more than a week can be a symptom of Lung Cancer. But if you notice blood in your cough, it should be reported immediately to your doctor.

#2 Shortness of Breath

2nd sign and symptom of lung cancer - shortness of breath

As the facts shown that about 20% of the patients suffering from the Lung Cancer are Non-smokers, they became the victim of this life-threatening disease either due to air pollution or second-hand smoke or toxins like asbestos and radon. Hence, Breathing Shortness is one of the major symptoms of Lung Cancer. This may feel you like an asthma patient or you are losing control over yourself. You may also notice a wheezy feeling in your chest or hard to exert a deep breath. This happens because of the tumor which interrupts the ability of person to completely inhale and exhale the air.

You should consult your doctor who will ask you to perform breathing tests for asthma and COPD to check where there is any potential cause and if not, then you may go for Chest X-ray.

#3 Overwhelmed Fatigue

3rd sign and symptoms of lung cancer - overwhelmed fatigue

In today’s modern and busy lifestyle, fatigue is common but unnecessary overwhelmed fatigue can warn you as a symptom of Lung Cancer. It may feel you debilitation which we feel during illness, cold or flu. Extreme tiredness won’t let you get over from the bed. Neither a coffee or a nap would work over it.

However, there are plenty of reasons behind such, like insomnia, over workload, overexertion, and so many other things which should be brought to the notice of your doctor. You have to explain what you are feeling and the things which you are unable to do due to the tiredness.

#4 Persistent Chest and Back Pain

4th sign and symptoms of lung cancer - Persistent Chest and Back Pain

Cancer is the second most killing reason after heart disease. Well, we should be heartily thankful to the social media who has to bring awareness about the heart disease which is directly associated with the chest pain. But not only heart attack, about One-fourth of people suffering from chest pain showing a warning symptom of Lung Cancer.

Amid the Lung Cancer, you may suffer a persistent chest or back pain that is triggered by tumor. The pain may appear in the chest or lung area or it may also feel in upper back, shoulders or neck. Beside this, you may also experience muscle pain.

Whenever you experience unbearable and unexplained chest, back, shoulder, abdominal ache you should consult with your doctor.

#5 Unexplained Appetite and Weight Loss

5th sign and symptom of lung cancer - Unexplained Appetite and Weight Loss

Shedding of Pounds from the body has the dream of many people but peeling off a huge weight without change in your eating regime or exercise habits can warn you something serious. Or you started disliking the food which used to be your favourite, it’s important to get a check up.

Sometimes you may feel like you lose interest in food or actually forget to eat, or you feel full so early without eating much. You may notice that your clothes are getting loose.

These symptoms can be the indication of gastrointestinal illness, food poisoning etc beside cancer. If you are not suffering from any another disease then it’s important to see your doctor.

#6 Frequent Fever

6th Early stage sign and symptom of lung cancer - Frequent Fever

Some people experience frequent illness due to the weak immune system. They may get trap again and again with cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. But frequent illness can also warn you as a symptom of Lung Cancer and it especially makes the victim to women who smoke.

People may feel same as they feel amid cold, flu and other infections. But the difference between a normal fever or fever due to Lung Cancer is that whether it holds or a long time or shed off in a normal period of recycling.

You should keep an eye on your health and notice whether you are getting more ill than the regular and if yes then consult with your doctor.

#7 Headache

7th Early Stage sign and symptom of lung cancer - headache

Beside the above-mentioned symptoms if you experience a headache then it can be an indication that Lung Cancer has spread to the Brain. Although, we can’t associate all the headaches with the Lung Cancer often lung cancer pressure on the superior vena cava referred to as a large vein that carries blood to the heart from the upper body. This pressure can lead to the Headaches.

These are some warning signs which is given by your body that you are suffering from Lung Cancer that need to bring into the notice of your doctor.

There are various treatment of Lung Cancer starting from surgery to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Apart from the above, targeted therapies or immunotherapy are also effective in Lung Cancer Treatment. The treatment is however depend on the extent of tumor and well being of the patient.

All the therapies comes with number of side effects but Candrol is the only emerging hope among the people that has no effect so far. This therapy is undoubtedly adopted with every conventional cancer treatment across 100 countries throughout the world. Well, you may seek the strength of Candrol from the people who has adopted it.

In this article, we have learned that how smokers and non smokers can be the victim of Lung Cancer. Although we have seen how early detection can palliate from this life threatening disease. Thereafter we have discussed early signs and symptoms of lung cancer and also came to know about the best medical treatment for Lung Cancer and it is Candrol.

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