What is Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a biological therapy that works by any one of the means be it inducing, enhancing, or suppressing the immune system. The immunotherapy treatment is designed in such a way that it harnesses the body’s ability to combat infection by fighting diseases. In this therapy, biological substances known as biological response modifiers are used.  

What is Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy cancer treatment in a way works against the deadly disease of cancer by activating the body’s own immune system. That’s why in recent years, immunotherapy has gained great interest among researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies, particularly in its promise to treat various forms of cancer.

How Does It Work

  • stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • stopping cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.
  • helping the immune system work better so that it can destroy cancer cells effectively.

What Are the Different Immunotherapies for Cancer

The various cancer immunotherapies available are:

  1. Monoclonal antibodies (MABs)

    • MABs work by recognizing and attaching to specific proteins present on the cancer cells’ surface.
    • MAB mimic patient’s natural antibodies and trigger the immune system
    • The immune system then starts working against cancer.
    • MABS can sometimes block signals that tell cancer cells to divide. Thereby, inhibiting their population to grow.
  2. Vaccines

    • Generally, vaccines help to protect us from diseases. They are being made from weakened or harmless versions of the disease. That is they don’t cause the disease.
    • The vaccine stimulates the body’s immune system into action which in turn starts making antibodies that can recognize and attack the harmless versions of the disease. Once the body has made these antibodies it recognizes the disease as soon as one encounters it. Thereby, fighting against it with the pre-existing antibodies with it.
    • Research is still going on for testing vaccines to treat cancer. As vaccines work against any disease, they are being made such that they can recognize proteins that are present on the surface of particular cancer cells. This way the immune system recognizes and mounts an attack against those particular cancer cells.
  3. Cytokines

    Cytokines are the group of proteins present in the body. They help the body by boosting its immune system. Two types of cytokines interferon and interleukin are present in the body.

  4. Adoptive cell transfer

    • It’s a new type of cancer immunotherapy whose treatment is only available as part of a clinical trial in the UK.
    • Adoptive cell transfer works by the changes in the genes of a person’s white blood cells (T cells) so that they can recognize and kill cancer cells. This is known as genetic engineering of the T cell.
    • An example of this type of cancer immunotherapy is CAR T-cell therapy.
  5. Checkpoint Inhibitors

    • Mostly used in the treatment of cancers such as melanoma skin cancer and lung cancer.
    • As some cancer cells are capable enough to make high levels of proteins. This results in switching off of the T cells when they should really be attacking the cancer cells. So cancer cells are expertise in managing to push a stop button on the immune system so that the T cells are not able to recognize and kill cancer cells.
    • Drugs that act by blocking these checkpoint proteins are known as checkpoint inhibitors. They stop the proteins formation on the cancer cells from pushing the stop button. Turning on the immune system so that now T cells can find and attack the cancer cells.

How Immunotherapy is Given to Cancer Patients

Immunotherapy can be given to cancer patients in different ways. These include:

  • Intravenous (IV): It goes directly into the vein.
  • Oral: drug comes in form of pills or capsules
  • Topical: Topical application comes in form of a cream that you rub onto the skin.
  • Intravesical: It goes directly into the bladder.

Homeopathy as Immunotherapy

Homeopathy is not just curative to cancer but acts as a pacifier to patients from their disturbed mental and emotional conditions and garnered prominence for its real cancer healing capabilities as it heals completely without any side effects and ensures the long life of cancer patients.

People now consort to this method of immunotherapy for cancer because of the acclaimed responses achieved so far in patients. The body is internally mobilized in such a manner so as to fight back cancerous cells and eliminate them from the body on its own.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after determining the patient history, profile, diagnosing the symptoms and causes, and then the select doses are dispensed to patients, in order, to start the immunizing process.

Being a holistic form of cancer treatment in India homeopathy not just palliates cancers but also stabilizes the person mentally and emotionally.

By homeopathy, cancer can be healed completely if the diagnosis takes place at an early stage. Moreover, people with last-stage cancers also get cured and relieved by homeopathy.

Homeopathy works at the molecular level on the principle of “like cures like” and “ maximum dilution with minimum doses.” Thus, it treats patients with highly diluted doses, triggering the body’s innate, natural healing response wherein the body’s immune system becomes strong and starts fighting against cancer.

CANDROL – Molecular Homeopathy Immunotherapy

Dr. Rishi Sharma and his entire team of physicians were able to invent CANDROL, which is the result of years of research and finally serving patients suffering from cancer. Homeopathy works on the principle of nanophysics and this is now termed as MOLECULAR MEDICINE OF FUTURE by Dr. Rishi Sharma.

Thus, CANDROL was the resulting outcome as the 4th modality of cancer treatment and they have been successful in treating patients with all kinds of cancers on its own.  

CANDROL is a molecular medicine that is very individualized according to one particular case and the combinations are prepared according to the status of disease and taking into consideration various disease parameters like loss of function, the extent of metastasis i.e F.D.G UPTAKE IN PET SCANS.doses of radiations which the patient has undergone and on what and how many chemotherapy cycles the patient has been put on in past.

The efficacy of CANDROL now is indisputable and it is readily accepted side by side along with every conventional cancer treatment modality in across 100 countries around the globe. CANDROL has proved its mettle in treating cancer patients effectively. Providing them a new ray of hope for living their lives again with new zeal. Visit the cancer treatment center in India or make an appointment

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