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Nowadays, we all complain that the air quality has depleted and the emission of carbon dioxide is increasing, and these two factors are leading to many respiratory diseases. One of the most deadly respiratory diseases is lung cancer which can turn on the “panic mode” of a person. Moreover, According to WHO, it is one of the most common cancer killers and it will cause 1.80 million deaths in 2020.

In India, lung cancer constitutes around 6.9% of all new cancer cases, which is a high number for a country like India as it has a high population rate. Many people associate cancer with smoking and think that only this habit can lead to cancer. But it is half true. There are many risk factors associated with this problem. Let’s discuss everything about cancer in the upcoming section, including cancer immunotherapy which is a new way to treat lung cancer.

What is lung cancer?

As the term explained itself, that is a type of cancer that develops in the lungs. Our lungs are solely responsible for the process of respiration, and cancer cells are some abnormal cells that self divide themselves and take the place of healthy cells. It affects the overall functionality of the lungs that in turn can affect other vital organs as oxygen is needed by all the organs of the body.

Types of Lung cancer:

It can be classified based on the microscopic appearance of the cell.

● Small cell lung cancer: It is a less common variant and usually affects people who are heavy smokers.

● Non-small cell lung cancer: This variant covers many subtypes of lung cancer like squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, etc.

○ Adenocarcinomas: These usually develop on the outer or peripheral areas of things and spread to the lymph nodes.

○ Squamous cell carcinomas: It usually develops in the central chest area in the bronchi and stay inside the lungs to form a cavity.

● Large cell carcinomas: This type can spread to the lymph nodes and distant sites of the body.

● Other types of cancers

○ Bronchial carcinoids: It is one of the rare variants and is completely unrelated to smoking and generally comprises carcinoid tumors which is a tumor that starts in the cases which secretes a hormone-like substance.

○ Cancers of supporting lung tissues (Mesothelioma): It may develop or affect the supporting tissues like muscles, blood vessels, etc.

best lung cancer specialist in India

Possible causes of lung cancer :

Smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke

As we discussed above, the habit of smoking can lead to cancer. The smoke of cigarettes contains carcinogens that can damage the cells present in the lungs and cause cancer. Initially, your body may recover from this damage. But if inhaled frequently, then this damage acts abnormally and can lead to the development of cancer.

The person smoking a cigar doesn’t have to be at risk of lung cancer. People who passively consume this smoke can also be at a high risk of lung cancer. Even after quitting smoking, some effects of it remain in the body.

Exposure to radon gas

Radon gas becomes a part of the atmosphere, and usually, we breathe it. But if unsafe levels of this gas are accumulated in an area, then it can lead to the risk of lung cancer for the people residing at that place.

Exposure to substances like asbestos and other variants of carcinogens

There are many variants of carcinogens present in different substances like chromium, nickel, etc. Exposing your body (frequently) to such substances can also cause the development of cancerous cells.

Family history

People who take precautions for lung cancer are sometimes at a high risk of lung cancer due to family history. Hence if you have/had any family member suffering from cancer, then you should seek medical advice from the best lung cancer specialist in India for prevention tips and periodic diagnosis.

Exposure to radiation

Exposing songs to radiation due to radiation therapy in the past or any other reason can lead to lung damage and cancer.

Symptoms of lung cancer that you should not ignore

● Recurring or persistent cough

● Blood in cough

● Shortness of breath

● Difficulty in breathing

● Chest pain

● Hoarseness

● Sudden weight loss

● Pain in bones (especially back and chest)

● Headache

Cancer immunotherapy: pain-free & natural treatment option

Immunotherapy for cancer patients is seen as an effective and pain-free method to treat the illness. This therapy can help in enhancing the power of the immune system so that it can destroy cancerous cells themselves. Traditional cancer treatment methods like chemotherapy use chemicals to kill or destroy cancer cells. These medications have the potential to harm healthy cells as well.

This can result in many side effects like nausea, exhaustion, and hair loss, as well as a drop in white blood cell count and the risk of infection. Moreover, it makes the treatment process painful (physically and psychologically).

Radiation therapy kills cancer cells or stops tumors from growing by using high-energy X-rays or particles. It may increase the risk of other health-related complications.

Cancer immunotherapy interferes with the immune system’s communication with the tumor to aid the immune system’s battle against cancer. The majority of patients experience positive effects through immunotherapy as it is a natural way to let your body fight against cancer. If you still have doubts, then you can take the help of the best lung cancer specialist in India or an oncologist.

Moreover, the scope of immunotherapy is not limited to cancer treatment. It is suggested with the conventional approach of cancer treatment to suppress some side effects. So this way, cancer immunotherapy has brought new hope for patients who are worried about the pain. This approach encourages a healthy lifestyle, and the rate of cancer recurrence is also reduced.

Dr. Rishi Sharma, the first immunotherapy cancer specialist, shared his experience that the success rate of cure is high with immunotherapy and can be recommended to treat in severe conditions as well (depending upon the health complications). He has developed a cancer treatment protocol (immunotherapy) named Control, which has gained popularity on a global level for its effectiveness. You can book a virtual appointment with him for more information or a second opinion on your cancer treatment.

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