The pancreas is responsible for releasing enzymes that help in digestion and it secretes hormones which maintain the sugar level in the body. Whereas Pancreatic cancer is the type of cancer in which the body starts to behave abnormally because of the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the pancreas. At the initial stage, the general functioning of the pancreas is influenced, followed by the nearby organs which is called the metastasis state. When the pancreatic cancer cells start to affect the other nearby organs, it is quite untreatable. So, go through the complete article to know about pancreatic cancer causes, risk factors, prevention, and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Causes and Risk factors

pancreatic cancer

As we all know that pancreatic cancer is caused because of the abnormal growth of cells in the pancreas. But this abnormal growth of cells is supported by some factors. So, read about all the Pancreatic Cancer risk factors below:

Obesity/ Overweight: Obesity or overweight is always unhealthy for the body. Stats says that overweight persons are 20% more prone to pancreatic disease, especially pancreatic cancer. Also, the pancreatic cancer danger zone consists of the people who are not overweight but has extra weight around their waistline.  

Tobacco/ Smoking: Around 20-30% of Pancreatic cases are because of the Smoking. Smoking is also the reason behind various other cancer types. The person who has a habit of smoking or smokes around two cigarettes in a day is on the radar of pancreas cancer as compared to those who never smoke.

Age: Age is also a risk factor for pancreatic cancer, but the prevention of this risk factor is not in your hand. What you can do is that go for a regular health check-up for the immediate diagnoses of the disease so that it can be treated on time. Also, keep in mind that the danger of pancreatic cancer goes on increasing with increase in age and the average age when the pancreatic cancer is mostly diagnosed is 65.

Inherited Genetic Syndrome: This is again a significant risk factor whose care should be taken. Almost 10% of pancreatic cancer is because of the inherited genes.

Family History: The past reports of pancreatic cancer show that pancreatic cancer can run in over the generation in families, but this can be detected and eliminated easily with proper test and treatment.

Diabetes: Mostly it is seen that the people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have a past medical history of diabetes.

Stomach Problems: Stomach problems like the infection in the stomach by Helicobacter pylori (bacteria that causes ulcer) are also the reason behind pancreatic cancer. The increase of stomach acid is also a risk factor.

Gender: Majority of the pancreatic cancer cases are diagnosed in men compared to women. This is because of the increased smoking habits in men.

Alcohol: The regular and heavy consumption of alcohol is bad for health which can lead to the emergence of pancreatic cancer.

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

pancreatic cancer symptoms

The various signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer which a person can experience are:

Jaundice: Jaundice is a disease in which body, especially the eyes changes its color to yellow. Jaundice is the first symptom which a person can encounter while suffering from pancreatic cancer. During Pancreatic cancer, the ducts which release bile is blocked which make the ingredients to build up in blood. Because of this, the color of skin and eyes turns yellow.

Itchy skin: With the turning skin color, you might also experience itching on the skin surface.

Dark Urine: The blocking of the bile duct causes dark Urine. The color of urine changes to brown because of the increase of bilirubin levels in the blood.

Light Colored Stools: In general the stools are brown, but due to the blockage of duct they may become pale or gray.

Stomach and Back Pain: The patient might experience a number of small sensations of pain which will come and go. The pain in the upper abdomen may become a cause behind back pain.

Abnormalities in Fatty Tissues: Pancreatic cancer patient may feel fatty acid abnormalities below the skin.

Nausea and Vomiting: During Pancreatic Cancer, it becomes tough for the patients to digest food. That is why the patient can experience the sensation of Nausea and Vomiting.

Weight Loss: Unintentional weight loss is endured during pancreatic cancer.

Loss of appetite: This is a prevalent symptom of pancreatic cancer in which the person can endure very little or no appetite.

Diabetes: Pancreatic cancer can play a supporting hand behind the increase of sugar level in the body and the increased sugar level in the body can cause Diabetes.

Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Methods

Pancreatic cancer shows almost no symptoms at the initial age which makes it difficult for the doctors to diagnose it. Therefore, it is always said that prevention is always better than cure. Same is there in the case of pancreatic cancer as there is no guarantee that pancreatic cancer will get cured in all the cases.

As we all know that by preventing the risk factors, we can prevent the disease but there are some risk factors which you can’t control you like age, race, gender and family history. The only prevention of these factors is the healthy diet and regular check-ups. The other pancreatic cancer prevention methods which can be handled by you are:

Maintain the Body Weight

Belly weight and side waist weight is always a risky thing to have. Therefore eat healthily and exercise regularly to be fit.

Limit the Exposure to Chemicals

Try to limit or avoid to work or stay nearby chemical industries as chemicals are also risk factors for the development of pancreatic cancer.

Say No to Smoking

This is the most important task which one should do to lower the risk of pancreatic cancer. According to reports, smoking is the reason behind the majority of pancreatic cancer cases.

Limit the Alcohol Drinking

The continues and heavy alcohol consumption is associated with pancreatic cancer. So, limit the Alcohol Drinking.

These were some of the prevention methods which you should take care of to lower the risk of getting caused by pancreatic cancer. For further queries and cancer prevention related tips, you can book an appointment with our expert. Also, read about the pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment methods.


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