What Is Cancer

Cancer is a malignancy wherein cell starts growing and dividing abnormally. It starts harming the body when these altered cells divide uncontrollably forming masses of tissues called as tumors (except in leukemia wherein cancer prohibits normal blood functioning). Tumors grow and interfere with the functioning of other body organs. It spreads, invades and destroys healthy tissues moving throughout the body with the help of blood and lymphatic system. It is said to have metastasized.

Cancer is not a single disease instead it’s an amalgamation of several diseases. As cancer hampers the normal functioning of other organs thereby affecting the whole body leading to several diseases.

Various types of cancer

More than 100 types of cancer exist. These are named after the names of the various organs and tissues from where these cancer is being formed. Like lung cancer starts with lung and brain cancer originates from the brain. Cancer is also named after various types of cell from where they originate be it squamous cell or epithelial cell cancer.

Categorically cancer is of five main types:
Carcinomas – They begin on the surface of the skin or tissues that line the internal organs.
Sarcomas – They develop inside bone, cartilage, fat, muscle or any other connective tissues of the body.
Leukemia – It begins in the blood and bone marrow.
Lymphomas – It affects the immune system.
Central nervous system cancers – They develop inside brain and spinal cord.

How Cancer Affects the Patient Life

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It shatters a person completely. One is not only suffering physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially. With the advancements in the stages of the cancer patient experiences several changes in himself and his nearby surroundings.

Cancer diagnosis never affects patient singly but also his family, relatives, friends, and community altogether. Cancer treatments introduce an array of lifestyle changes bringing forth many changes physically and emotionally in the patient which becomes quite difficult for family members to handle.

Several physical changes take place in a person. There is weight loss, eyesight problems, memory loss, baldness, weakness, anxiety, nervousness etc. Emotionally patient needs a lot of support, confidence, and willpower to undergo treatments and strive back to live a new life all over again.

Candrol™: Palliate cancer naturally by Homeopathy

After consistent hard work and regular testing, a new cancer treatment method in India was discovered whose implementation showed positive results in curing cancer. This is CANDROL discovered by Dr. Rishi Sharma and his entire team of physicians. It is a proven homeopathy cancer treatment method.

This is a holistic and traditional treatment method to cure cancer. It is a ray of hope to the cancer patients and their families. This treatment works on the principle of immunotherapy at a molecular level. This treatment triggers the actions and reactions of the body cells to fight back the cancerous growth. The malignant cells that are killed by the body are removed through the lymphatic system. However, as the healing process takes place the patients are completely cured of the cancer disease.This method stimulates body’s own innate healing system, enhancing the immunity of the patient to fight against cancer.

It being Dr. Rishi’s protocols. It is completely side effects free and no harsh effects have been noticed so far. Based upon more than 200 years the homeopathic system of medicine, following potentization as the method of preparation of drugs, no materialistic quantity of medicine is involved and thus, it is regarded as the safest anti-cancer treatment approach of today.

Utilizing this molecular approach, this natural cancer treatment method has several advantages:

The results produced by CANDROL are long lasting and permanent in a way by completely eradicating cancer from its roots.
This treatment is 100% safe, side-effect free, and harmless.
This treatment enhances body’s natural immune system thereby preparing the body to fight on its own against cancer.
This procedure is non-surgical and does not require any use of chemicals.
Homeopathy uses minute doses and acts gently, thereby stimulating body’s self-healing response.
It works in harmony with body’s own immune system, unlike Allopathic Drugs that have the capability to suppress and destroy the systems of the body. Moreover leading to several side effects.

CANDROL remains the first choice of treatment line in terminal cases where allopathy has nothing to offer other than symptomatic relief. We do accept the failures in remaining 30% of all terminal diagnosed cases but that is not the lacuna of this system but the unfortunate thing like the late presentation of a case to this system, which is a matter of lack of awareness.

Why CANDROL  Is A Better Alternative Natural Cancer Treatment

Allopathic treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical method and much more are used to treat cancer.

These treatment methods have their own side-effects that can destroy healthy cells of the patient along with the cancerous cells, deteriorate the health of the patients and decrease their immunity. This gives cancerous cells an opportunity to strike back again. It also involves some painful procedures such as surgeries that leave scar and marks for a lifetime.

But in case of Homeopathy, it is not so, as the molecular homeopathy approach does not strike the healthy cells but only the cancerous cells, thereby providing strength by increasing the immunity of the healthy cells. This not only increases the immunity of the patients but also eliminates the signs and symptoms of the cancerous cells. This also results in quicker recovery of the cancer patient. It does not involve any surgical procedure and no remarks or scars are left behind after undergoing homeopathy treatment.

CANDROL is the method that has a mystical curing power to cure cancer patients. On seeking the results of this treatment method patients have shown reliance on homeopathy treatment to get rid of such deadly condition. This is why people are availing Dr. Rishi’s Homeopathy Cancer treatment as they know that it is the only treatment that can cure their cancer completely.

No doubt cancer is deadly but there is a way to everything. Miracles do happen every day. It is the willpower, determination, and confidence in oneself that strives one to achieve something and fight against this disease.

Life should not stop at this. Instead start loving yourself and find ways to deal with it and come out of this with full vigor, confidence, and self-esteem.

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