Everywhere around ourselves there is someone or the other talking about cancer. Be it in articles, news, WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts or through word of mouth that exposure to this or exposure to that will cause you cancer so beware of it.

Additionally, celebrities keep on public about cancer every now than in the public eye by candidly discussing their cancer diagnoses or treatments in magazines and newspapers.

Did you ever think after this that it has become almost impossible to walk out of the door without coming in contact with something that’s sure to cause a tumor?

It has become a common practice or a joke that people often remark that everything existing will cause cancer nowadays.

So this is no surprise that today we get to know and cases are being put forth in front of doctors where several healthy people have developed the phobia of developing cancer in their lifetime.

What is Cancer Phobia

Cancer phobia or fear is known as Carcinophobia.

It’s the fear of getting cancer, typically affecting those who have had the disease or have known people afflicted with it or are in the notion that one day they will catch the disease.

Though it’s completely normal to have fear of such kind and one should be considerate and cautious towards the causes of the disease but people with carcinophobia often take their fear to the extreme level and this starts impacting their everyday life adversely.

It is one of the most debilitating fears of all kind.

Taking the fear of heights in comparison to this, in this the person afflicted can avoid heights and continue his life normally. But a person suffering from carcinophobia carries fear lifelong.

Whenever such a person experiences any pain in his life his first thought is “Am I afflicted with cancer now?”. The anxiety of getting diagnosed with cancer keeps haunting him. And he starts associating everything ranging from the possibility of undergoing painful treatments, loss of hair, spreading cancer to other organs, and finally dying of cancer.

These several concerns and much more keep haunting them and often arise before they’ve even visited a doctor. Eventually, the fear becomes so overwhelming that the person starts refusing to leave their safe and comfortable environment and start shunning people and social life. Thus, he starts to live in the cocoon of himself.

But there is no need to worry about it.

If in case you are experiencing the same fear then today there are so many holistic treatments available from where you can completely get rid of this fear and live a peaceful and positive life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown remarkable results in treating people from this. This helps the person to become aware of their hundreds of unreasonable thoughts and fears. So, that they can view and analyze the situation more realistically and react in a healthier way.

When everything fails to treat then the psychological counseling combined with the use of anxiety disorders medications has shown proven results.

How is Carcinophobia caused

Carcinophobia is caused due to various environmental and biological factors. Which are:

  • Any traumatic experience in a lifetime: Any person when goes through a real ordeal of cancer after seeing his or her loved one going through it develops this phobia. Sometimes intense movies or some internet flicks showing the suffering of cancer as well can result in this fear.  
  • Any Genetic factor: Heredity and genes could also be one of the reasons for causing cancer phobia. The fear can be passed through one’s forefathers and family genes. It could be a previous family history or sometimes other health-related phobias that it becomes a high possibility to be carcinophobia.

What are symptoms of Carcinophobia

The major symptoms of carcinophobia visible in people are:

  • Constant intense fear of getting cancer.
  • Continually worrying about one’s health.
  • Seeking extensive health check-ups regularly in the fear of the disease.
  • Always in stress due to fear of catching infection and getting sick
  • Sometimes in severe cases, people experience panic attacks which are accompanied by shivering, sweating, dizziness or fainting, increased heartbeat, dry mouth, feeling confused, nausea or vomiting, hot or cold flashes and abdominal discomfort etc.

These are some of the most common cancer phobia symptoms which the people might face. Again these symptoms can very from person to person.

When to seek the help of a doctor

Carcinophobia disturbs the overall well-being of the person. It interferes with a person’s family and social life and disturbs the professional work and career.

If the above symptoms are occurring and are being experienced by any person for more than six months time and his life is disrupted every day, then he should visit a doctor immediately.

How Is Carcinophobia Treated

How to get rid of cancer phobia? There is a Carcinophobia is treated with several psychotherapies and medicines.

But this should be kept in mind that medicines are never any solution for any kind of phobia and anxiety.

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a  psychotherapy for cancer phobia treatment wherein, person’s thought is being determined by focussing on the understanding of the negative thoughts and images experienced by him which are associated with the anxiety.

Several meetings, talking, sharing and understanding sessions with the patient are being conducted wherein he is asked to share all his thoughts. Based on this, the counseling is given to the person, and he is then convinced to not to be fearful.

The main objective of this psychotherapy is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Beside this meditation, mental visualization and relaxation methods are also provided to the patient to calm down his fears.

Alongside this, some medicines are prescribed to help adjust brain chemicals such as Serotonin which are the mood regulators of our body. Anti-anxiety and antidepressant medicines are given to relax and calm the senses.

Role of Homeopathy in curing cancer phobia:

Homeopathy works on the holistic systems of medicine.

In homeopathy, the selection of drug is done based on the theory of individualization and symptoms present just as it is there in any holistic approach.

Through this way, one can achieve a state of complete well-being thereby removing all the signs and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

The objective of homeopathy remedy is not only to treat cancerphobia but to completely cure the underlying cause and individual susceptibility.

Several medicines are present for homeopathic treatment of cancer phobia. These are selected on the basis of the cause of disease, the condition of a patient, and modalities of the complaints done by the patient.

For each remedy selection and treatment, the patient should always consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.

At Dr. Rishi’s Homeopathy Cancer Research Centre, Jaipur (India) patient can fearlessly come and consult his or her problem and experiences candidly with the doctor.

Cancerphobia is such that at times we don’t have people around us to discuss and hear our concerns. But here at Dr. Rishi’s clinic, there are consultants and doctors to listens to you out.

Moreover, Through specialized homeopathic treatment and medicines, Dr. Rishi’s Homeopathy Cancer Research Centre, Jaipur (India) provides all types of cancer treatment in India

This just a fear and not the disease that one should get fearful of.

So, instead of pondering over negative thoughts do consult an expert and get relieved of this fear from your life forever.

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