Cancer: An agony of life

Cancer is a deadly disease. As soon as the word cancer pops up it starts conjuring as if some evil has happened and now getting rid of this is very difficult. It affects the individual not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

The patient passes through so many agonies that at times it seems a living end to life. That’s why it is known as a life-threatening disease.

Cancer is an amalgamation of diseases involving metastatic abnormal cell growth that is it has the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. The unwanted increase in body cells which are all abnormal leads to impaired body metabolism and functioning which in turn start degrading the whole process of normal healthy body functioning.

In case of a normal healthy person, the cells are being formed and developed and then destroyed at a proper scheduled time.

But in case of the cancerous conditions, the division and multiplication of cells become abnormally uncontrollable occurring at a very high speed.

Cancer Pain: Unbearable Suffering

Cancer is a disease where pain becomes a common thing.

Cancer pain can arise from any of the reasons mentioned:

  • Due to  tumor compressing nearby body parts,
  • Due to tumor infiltrating nearby body parts;
  • from chemotherapy or radiation treatments and diagnostic procedures;
  • from the skin, nerve and other changes caused by either hormone imbalance or immune response.

Cancer pain can be produced

  • Either by mechanical (e.g. pinching pain) stimulation of pain signaling nerve endings,
  • or  by chemical (e.g. inflammation) stimulation of specialized pain-signaling nerve endings,

           These two are found in most parts of the body and this is known as nociceptive pain.

  • Or pain can be caused by diseased, damaged or degraded, compressed nerves. This is known as neuropathic pain. It is a pinching pain often feeling as if between pins and needles.


Cancer Pain Types – Chromic/Actute

Pain is of two types either chronic or acute.

Chronic one is more long-lasting. Chronic pain is caused by illness or disease while short-term pain which is the acute one is caused by any treatment or diagnostic procedures.

Besides this, procedures like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery also produce painful conditions that persist for long even after the treatment has been stopped.

Different Forms of Cancer Pain Are:

It could be dull in nature, achy, sharp or pinching, needle-like or burning sensations. The pain lasts for long either constantly, intermittently, mildly, moderately or severely.

The presence of pain depends on:

  • type of cancer
  • location of the cancer
  • stage of the disease
  • how much cancer has advanced or spread
  • pain tolerance capability

At any given frame of time, about half of the population suffering from malignant cancer experiences pain, and two-thirds of the population with chronic cancer experience the pain of so much intensity that it severely affects their sleep, mood, social life and relations and day to day activities of their daily life.

The Measure of Cancer Pain:

The best measure of cancer pain is patient’s own description about pain as he is the only one who experiences it.

For diagnostic purposes, patient is asked by the doctors to estimate their pain on a scale of 0 – 10  (with 0 being no pain and 10 being the most severe pain they have ever felt). This gives an insight into the intensity of pain one is experiencing. On the basis of this only, the medication is designed and a drug is prescribed.


In many cases, patients are not able to verbally explain the pain intensity and so they are not able to give their response on the scale. In that case, certain physiological indicators are taken note of which are patients facial expression, body movements, and vocalizations such as moaning.

What are the reasons due to which patient do not receive adequate treatment for cancer pain?

Most of the time cancer pain remains undertreated. There are several factors contributing to this, which include:

  • The reluctance of doctors to ask about cancer pain: Doctors should always ask the patient about cancer pain. Many doctors are unaware of pain management therapies. In that case, they should request a referral to a pain specialist.
  • The reluctance of the patient to tell a doctor about his pain: Some patients either don’t want to “bother” their doctors or fear that by mentioning about the pain their treatment would get hampered.
  • Fear of addiction: Many patients do not want to habituate themselves by painkillers. They are of the view to bear the pain instead of taking so many medicines.
  • Resistance to painkillers: Patients also fear that with the prolonged use of painkillers they might develop a tolerance towards pain after some time. As a result of which next time they have to move to higher doses which would be the worsening of the condition leading to more side effects.
  • The apprehension of side effects: Patients fear about the several side effects that could arise out of the use of painkillers. Like sleepiness, dizziness, unable to communicate and being seen as dependent on medications.

Homeopathy: A Remedy for Cancer Pain Management

Cancer pain is a severe problem. With competent management, this can be diagnosed properly and then can be eliminated or well controlled in almost about 80% to 90% of patients. But then also nearly 50% of cancer patients in the world do not receive optimal care and pain management. A Worldwide conducted study shows that nearly 80% of people with cancer either receive little or no pain medication. It remains untreated.

The best solution to this problem is by Homeopathy wherein, it not only relieves any type of cancer pain but also subsides the severe side effects that arise by any of the conventional cancer treatments be it chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

Homeopathy is a medical science which works on the principle of “ like cures like” and “ minimum doses with maximum dilution”. The motive behind this is to treat the disease at the molecular level completely eradicating it.

Homeopathic treatment is designed in a personalized way which is unique and is according to the patient’s experiences that is it is tailor-made. So the efficacy of the customized drug is highly proven and it targets directly to the cancer cells.

Moreover, the mechanism of action on which homeopathy works is that it boosts the immune system of the body to such an effect that it strengthens it and helps the body develop a stronger immune system which can combat cancer as well as the symptoms arising from it.

CANDROL : Cancer Pain Reliever

CANDROL is the resulting outcome as the 4th modality treatment for cancer in India  by Dr. Rishi Sharma and his team.

Today they have been successful in treating patients with all kinds of cancer including GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) grade 4, hemato-oncological cases like A.L.L., C.M.L, autoimmune diseases after allogenic or autogenic transplants like osteonecrosis etc.

It is an effective treatment that can cure cancer from the root. CANDROL, a homeopathic form of cancer treatment have proven results that homeopathy has efficacy in treating cancer completely without causing any side-effect or weakening the health of the cancer patient.

Pioneering the oncology with DR RISHI’S cancer protocols it is a true ray of hope for incurable termed diseases like cancer and cancer pain.

What steps should be taken to ensure that you’re receiving adequate cancer pain treatment?

The basic procedure that should be followed in order to ensure that the treatment that one is receiving is adequate or nat for cancer pain is :

  • Firstly, talking and explaining to the doctor about your pain.Secondly, patient and doctor both should set a goal for pain management and effectively monitor the success of the treatment.
  • The doctor should keep the track of the pain with a pain scale, assessing its intensity.
  • If you’re not getting any response from the pain management therapy then one should always request a referral to a facility which is skilled in the pain management.
  • Taking the cost factor into account the medications and treatment for cancer pain all are generally covered by standard insurance policies.

Dr. Rishi’s Homeopathy Cancer Research Centre, Jaipur (India) is one such centre where not only the treatment for cancer is being provided but one can avail best of the medications and treatment for cancer pain. By homeopathic immunotherapy procedure, cancer pain is relieved to a larger extent. This newer innovation drug for cancer treatment CANDROL, the 4th modality in cancer treatment works effectively in combating cancer and cancer pain from its roots.


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