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Prostate cancer? Heard about it before? Well, it’s the most common cancer in men after skin cancer. Earlier, prostate cancer used to affect men above the age of 65, but in the past few decades, a significant increase in the prevalence of this variant of cancer is seen. Eventually it has become fft common cancer. But why is the incidence of this cancer increasing day by day or we can say what are the risk factors that can lead to this illness. Let us discuss the same in the upcoming sections.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate is a gland that pays a crucial role in make reproductive system. It is located in the frontal aspect of the rectum and just below the bladder. This gland is responsible for producing secretions that can nourish the sperms and transport it easily. When the growth of cells slows down or stops due to abnormal cells that eventually can lead to tumor.

Danger signs of prostate cancer

Dr Rishi Sharma, the well-known and best prostate cancer doctor in India says that due to lack of awareness, people are unable to find out that there is something wrong with their body and ignore the clear symptoms till the condition has developed into a grave one. Therefore, he is going to share a few signs that one should not miss as they are red flags for health and signify that you may be suffering from prostate cancer.

1. Frequent burning sensation every time when you pee or ejaculate

Many people suffer from a burning sensation during ejaculation or urination that is why they avoid it as much as possible. If experiencing this sensation frequently, then don’t avoid it. It is a symptom that you need expert advice otherwise you condition may become worse.

2. Sleepless nights due to frequent urination

Waking up in the middle of the night to urinate can be a normal thing for some people. But it is frequent and affects sleeping patterns, so you must seek advice and help. This symptom signifies that the prostate gland may be enlarging. This enlargement can be due to age or may be cancer. Only a medical expert can help in finding out the root cause after diagnosis.

3. Urging to urinate but facing some problem? Or similar issues?

Do you want to start or stop urination but feel like you don’t have the power to control it? Or are you experiencing pain or discomfort during this phase? Then it is an alarm that you should not ignore or put on “snooze” mode.

4. Not able to maintain erection in the play?

The health of your reproductive system can even be displayed in your intimate relationships. Someone suffering from medical issues related to prostate gland (especially prostate cancer) may experience some symptoms of erectile dysfunction which may further affect their personal life.

5. Evidence of blood in semen or urine

If you notice some traces of blood in your semen or urine, then you should not panic. There may be a possibility of prostate cancer but you should consult the best oncologist surgeon in India before jumping to any conclusion.

6. Other symptoms that may affect your regular activity

It is seen that many men experience negative effects on their bones, muscles and even the organs located near the prostate gland. For instance one may not be able to pass urine or control their urges to pee , swelling in the pelvic area, or bone pain. Some patients in their old age can even experience weak bones that are prone to fracture from a minor injury.

Risk factors that one should always keep in mind

Old age: the risk of prostate cancer increases with age and people in their late 40s or so should get period diagnosis.

Family history: If a blood relative ever had prostate cancer, then eventually the risk of people in the family increases. Moreover it is seen that the risk of this cancer also increases when a blood relative (female) has family history genes of breast cancer.

Obesity: The reason why the rate of cancer incidence is increasing is unhealthy lifestyle and stress. Due to this many people suffer from obesity which can higher up the risk of various types of cancer including prostate cancer.

What You Need To Do If You Observe These Symptoms?

The first step should be to look for an expert, the best cancer specialist in India as soon as possible or get a diagnosis. It will help you to understand your health condition and the next steps for treatment. In case you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, then you should consult the best prostate cancer doctor in India. He/She can help in planning the diagnosis & treatment and the way forward approach.

The actual roadmap of the treatment will depend on the medical condition of every individual based on their reports. But there are many approaches that are generally suggested. Many oncologists may suggest undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, or a hybrid opton.

Usually these treatment options are painful and their negative effects last for a long duration. Nowadays, people tend to go for an advanced treatment approach that has been developed in oncology and which is cancer immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy – An alternative treatment for a healthier you!

This method has proved great results and can cure almost all types of cancer including prostate cancer. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that it is not a new method. It is always suggested to mitigate the side effects of the conventional treatment option.

This treatment option works on improving the immunity system so that it can fight back and destroy all cancer cells in the body. It encourages functional capacity and healthy lifestyle which further improve the outcomes.

Dr. Sharma has developed a protocol for molecular immunotherapy which is named as Candro and globally recognized. This protocol is effective treating cancer patients and has a high success rate and clinically no side effects have been observed. To know more about candrol or info related to cancer treatment.

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