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Do you know that there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685,000 deaths globally? We have witnessed an increase in the number of breast cancer patients, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer. October is considered Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s be aware about this illness so that one can conquer it without suffering from painful chemotherapies.

Breast cancer- The Deadly Health Condition

As the name suggests, it is cancer that forms in the cells present in the breast and can affect men as well as women. But the ratio of women patients is significantly higher than the men. Due to the advancement of technology, this illness can be easily cured if diagnosed in the early phase. You can consult the best breast cancer Specialist in India for the same.

What are its symptoms?

The common symptoms of breast cancer that one must not ignore are:

• Lump or thickening of the cells in the breast
• Sudden changes in the size, shape, or approach of the breast.
• Observing changes on the skin present over the breast
• Development of a newly inverted nipple
• Peeling, flaking, or crusting of the areola, the place skin that surrounds the nipple.
• Redness on the breast

What are the possible causes?

Like other variants of cancer, it develops due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the breast. As these cells have the tendency to replicate themselves; hence the presence of abnormal cells outweighs the healthy ones and accumulates to form a lump.

These abnormal cells can later pass to the lymph nodes of the other parts of the organ. Many a time, it is observed that the origin of abnormal cells is underarms, but later on, they spread to the breast causing cancer.

Generally, it is seen that the milk-producing duct is the first sight of the formation of a cancerous lump which is also known as invasive ductal carcinoma.

Breast Cancer Specialist In I

Risk factors to be kept in mind

Female: As discussed above, women are more prone to breast cancer when compared with men.

Old age: Due to old age, the body does not perform the functions efficiently, and hence it is said that as your age increases, the risk of cancer, including breast cancer, hikes up.

History of any breast condition: People who suffer from any health condition that triggers the health of the breast. It can be conditions like atypical hyperplasia, cancer, etc.

Family history: People who have a family history of cancer are more likely to get affected by this illness. Certain gene mutations can be passed from parents to their children and affect their health. For example, BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the two genes that lead to any type of cancer, including breast cancer.

Exposed to radiation: Many people who receive radiation on the chest are likely to suffer from this illness.

Obesity: Obesity can be a culprit of many illnesses, including breast cancer.
Late arrival of menopause: It is said that women who experience menopause in their older age are more prone to such problems.

Never getting pregnant: Many changes in the body are witnessed during pregnancy. These changes can help in preventing this health condition to a certain extent.

Unhealthy lifestyle: Stress, lack of physical activity, etc., can increase the danger of many illnesses, including breast cancer.

Hormonal therapy: Hormonal therapies can change the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. These hormones play an important role in the reproductive system and breasts.

Pain-free treatment with Immunotherapy

Chemotherapy is also used to treat various types of cancers, including breast cancer. But the treatment process is so much pain that many people give up during the treatment. Moreover, the family members are not able to see their loved ones in such trauma. But now no need to become dependent on Chemotherapy and switch to Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy has become an effective and better option to treat breast cancer. It includes the usage of medication to charge the immune system so that your body can heal itself naturally.

How does it work?

Every cell contains an immune checkpoint that works as a regulator to keep the cells healthy. These checkpoints guard the cells against the attack of infected cells and also keeps the cells under control so that they don’t attack other healthy cells. T cells present in the immune system work as the auditor, which examines every cell to identify the checkpoint. In case if the checkpoint is not available in the cell, then it indicates that the cell is infected, and then the T cells attack that cell.

This is the mechanism that our immune system follows to fight against illnesses. But in the case of cancer, your immune system may be unable to detect the abnormal cells, which lead to the further progression of the illness.

Immunotherapy multiplies the power of the immune system so that it can identify or destroy cancer cells on its own. It is a pain-free process and empowers the patient to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

While looking for the treatments and options, one looks for the best breast cancer specialist doctor in India. Candrol Centre Of Oncology under the care of Dr Rishi Sharma has helped many patients curing cancer with this pain-free approach. Moreover, the achievements in oncology are recognized and acknowledged by many reputed organizations of India. Trust the best!

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