90 Percent of Women of Jaipur are at risk of Breast Cancer – Isn’t it terrifying? But it’s true. Women in Jaipur are diagnosed with many different types of cancer but breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms from which the females are diagnosed. These stats are even more supported by the lack of awareness among the females of Jaipur. The lack of awareness of Breast Cancer made the women of Jaipur 90 percent more vulnerable to breast cancer

As per the reports provided by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS 4), only about 6% of the women in Jaipur of age group 15 and 49 has ever undergone the breast cancer screening test. When these stats were shown up with respect to complete Rajasthan, only 4.8% women in Rajasthan had ever gone for the screening tests. 

These reports of the survey are the real matter of concern. Undoubtedly,  the major reason observed behind this is lack of awareness. Undergoing the regular breast self-examination along with the screening test like mammography, one can detect the presence of breast cancer even before the signs and symptoms become prominent. By undergoing the screening test, the breast cancer can get treated at the very initial stage.

On the Breast Cancer Screening tests, World Health Organization (WHO) has said that till date, Mammography is the only screening method which has proved handy.

One of the other reason behind the lower success rate of Breast Cancer treatment in Jaipur in comparison to cities and countries is the late diagnosis. There are only 20 to 30% of cases in which the diagnosis of Breast Cancer takes place at the initial stage whereas, in other countries, this rate is about 60 to 70%. In India, about two-thirds of the breast cancer cases are seen to be diagnosed at the third or final stage. So, there is also a point to be counted as late diagnosis leads to a higher number of deaths due to cancer.

Therefore, all should take an initiative to make females of Jaipur aware about the possible symptoms of breast cancer and what are the possible ways through which they can diagnose it at the early stage. Also, all the females are advised to take precautional methods like adding vegetables and fruits in diet, avoiding smoking, maintain healthy body weight,  breastfeeding their child, limit the consumption of alcohol, etc to prevent breast cancer permanently.

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