Breast Cancer is found to be the most common type of cancer in the females of Rajasthan, especially in Jaipur. About 18 Percent of the females with Cancer in Jaipur are suffering from Breast Cancer. The main reasons which have been seen behind these numbers are:

  • Increasing Age: It has been recorded that with the increase in age, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. So, proper screening test in regular interval of time is suggested by the doctors.

  • Obesity: Obesity or we can say weight imposes a great risk on the health of a person. Also, it contributes to great risk for females of developing breast cancer.

  • First Child after the age of 30: It is always suggested by the doctors to have their first child before the age of 30.

  • Reduced Breastfeeding: Lower or no breastfeeding imposes a great risk of breast cancer.

  • Hormones Replacement Therapy (HRT): The hormones replacement therapy (HRT) or high consumption of pills also adds a risk of breast cancer.

Also, in the survey carried out by GLOBOCAN, it is being found that Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Females of India and Jaipur both. Also, the GLOBOCAN Data stated that about 18 percent of female cancer in Jaipur is Breast Cancer.

The deadly data which is being shown by the GLOBOCAN reflected that about 1,44,937 women of India were diagnosed with Breast Cancer and if the situation remains the same, these numbers might even reach to 17.3 lakh in 2020. When asked about the growth of breast cancer patients in Jaipur to Dr. Sandeep Jasuja, he said that “Lack of awareness is one of the major issues behind the rise of cancer patients. In India, most of the patients who are identified with breast cancer, are in the third or the last state. That is why, India possesses a higher number of cancer deaths in India, comparison to other countries. So, it is important for women of India to examine themselves with mammography tests (Screening Tests) after the age of 40,”. Dr. Sandeep Jasuja is the associate professor of medical oncology and bone marrow transplant at the RK Birla Cancer Centre of SMS hospital.

These are really the concerning stats. Awareness about the precautional methods and Breast Cancer Treatment in Jaipur should be made among the females of all the societies. So, be aware of Breast Cancer and makes others also aware of this.

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