What is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most invasive form of cancer which of late has become quite predominant in the women with many cases being reported nowadays. It starts in the cells of the breast when they start to grow and divide uncontrollably abnormally. They result in the formation of a tumor which could either be malignant ie: cancerous or can metastasize ie: spread to the surrounding areas and to the distant parts of the body.

It’s a conception that women are mostly affected by breast cancer but men are too affected by it.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Jaipur

Candrol Cancer Treatment Center Jaipur is known internationally for this new modality of cancer treatment called “CANDROL”, CANDROL is the modern era immunotherapy practice specially designed for cancer cases and in many places does not follow conventional homeopathy rules like potencies,  constitutional approach (where palliation is immediately required) and single remedy system.

This is not a single mind approach but the result of outcome and the inference of world-class bodies and international conferences notes who are constantly involved in finding quick solutions and results in gross pathological changes like cancer.

CANDROL is the 4th modality of medicine discovered in India by the Jaipur best Oncologist Dr. Rishi Sharma and his team.

CANDROL is emerging is the only hope for terminal cancer patients and for newly diagnosed patients combining both CANDROL and conventional therapies is indicated to reduce disease load immediately.

There is no contradiction with any other therapy is noted so far so candrol can thus be taken along with any other parallel therapy.

It is a side-effect free treatment since no material doses are being used.

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Jaipur

According to Globocan 2012 Data, Breast Cancer is the leading Cancer type diagnosed in Women of India. A few years back, people used to go outside Jaipur for Breast Cancer Treatment because of high-quality facilities, best treatment methods, and techniques, experienced panel of oncologists. But now the trend has changed as in Jaipur, you get all these services at 3-5 times less cost compared to other states. The general factors which influence the cost of Breast Cancer Treatment in Jaipur are:

  • Stage of Disease
  • Medical Health of Patient
  • Metastasis Level
  • Medicines
  • Type of Treatment Method

So, Get the most effective and affordable Breast Cancer Treatment in Jaipur at Candrol.

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