Stomach Cancer Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic treatment for cancer offers promising results and has a lot of potential to cure cancerous diseases to the core. Homeopathy is safe and can help patients recover once and for all.

About Candrol-

Dr Rishi Sharma’s protocol-Candrol has changed the era of conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radio therapy and surgery. We, at out clinic, strive hard to come up with effective treatment through homeopathic remedies.

Our treatments for stomach cancer have been developed with high scientifically and are clinically verified time and again. Giving quality treatment at much affordable price is the only moto carried by our cancer center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1.What do we understand about Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer also referred as gastric cancer is a malicious tumor arising from the lining of the stomach and eventually expands in different part of the stomach. The disease is mainly diagnosed in patients who are in the age group of 65 to 70.

2.How do we classify Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is classified according to the type of tissue where they originate. The most common type of stomach cancer is Adenocarcinoma. It starts from the glandular tissue of the stomach and is responsible for about 90% of all stomach cancers.

Other forms of stomach cancer include lymphomas, which involve the lymphatic system and sarcomas, which involve the connective tissue such as muscle, fat, or blood vessels.

3.What are the characteristics linked with the development of Stomach Cancer?

Obesity, junk food eating, smoking and drinking alcohol are major causes of stomach cancer. However, patients would also have vague symptoms like early satiety, flatulence, discomfort, pain in upper abdomen, obstruction at pylorus (pyloric antrum) with vomiting tendency with/without blood and hard and irregular growth of lump in the abdomen.

4.How does Dr. Rishi’s homeopathy treatment cure the disease?

Dr Rishi Sharma’s Candrol is the result of years of research. It has been showing a huge potential in curing the deadly diseases like cancer to the core. Candrol is broadly divided into 3 lines of treatment- type 1, 2 and 3 which is planned according to a specific cancer condition and various other disease parameters. Candrol has also been curing Krukenberg tumor. In the worst cases in which patients intake an ample amounts of antacids like proton pump inhibitors ( omeprazole, rabiprazole, sodium bicarbonate, aciphex,etc) which are more likely to suffer from stomach cancer.

5.Are there any possible complications?

Candrol is completely safe, side effects free and no harsh effects have been noticed so far. It involves no materialistic quantity of medicine, thereby making it a safest anti-cancer treatment approach of today.

6.How soon I can get the results of stomach cancer homeopathy treatment?

Dr. Rishi Sharma’s homeopathy treatments for cancer are strong enough to fight against the cancer phenomenon. The healing process starts immediately after the dose has been administered to the body.

7.Can Candrol be taken with other allopathic treatments without any contradiction?

The answer is yes. Candrol is a molecular medicine which is individualized according to one particular case and the combinations are planned and implemented according to the stage or level of the disease.

Our line of treatment is generally based on highly effective drugs which involve a little medicine of original drug substance which is why the chances of contradicting with any chemotherapy or radiation cycles becomes almost nil.