Homeopathy is the science having the potential of dealing with very complex and so called irreversible pathologies like cancer. With newer innovation and constant research by Dr Rishi Sharma his entire team of physicians were able to invent CANDROLTM, which is the result of years of research and finally serving patients suffering with cancer. Homeopathy works on the principle of nano physics and thus is now termed as MOLECULAR MEDICINE OF FUTURE by Dr Rishi Sharma.Thus CANDROLTM was the result outcome as the 4th modality of cancer treatment.and today we have been successful in treating patients with all kinds of cancer including GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) grade 4, hematooncol-ogical cases like A.L.L. , C.M.L, autoimmune diseases after allogenic or autogenic transplnts like osteo necrosis etc. These conditions have been challenging for years together for most of the conventional therapists.Thus candrolTM has been evident to possess great potential in treating such cancer related conditions and states. CANDROLTM is broadly divided into 3 lines of treatment( type 1,2 and 3) which is prepared according to a specific cancer condition and various other disease parameters like extent of metastasis, loss of function and how many times patient has been put under chemotherapy and radiation therapy or if any hormonal treatment is going on or not.

The prime concern with CANDROLTM research focuses in bringing retardation to metastatic phenomenon, it has been evident in daily experience which is brought in front of us that patients do approach mostly when the disease has already extended or being metastasized to multiple organs, at this point making a patient stabilised in terms of giving a better quality of life is very important. The modern oncology has already entered a newer era where the medical world is starving for any potential which can bring out stagnancy in aggressively growing cancer in the body. So the scope of CANDROLTM is tremendous.

CANDROLTM has already been proved in bringing noticeable change in conditions like autoimmune diseases like Osteonecrosis found mostly after bone marrow transplants (allogenic transplantation), since the mechanism of action or the modus operand is still a matter of great research, may be the dynamic physics is still not that advanced which can explain the exact mode by which these ultra potencies work, we have to accept the most probable and renowned hypothesis postulated by many scientific bodies including Indian institute of technology IIT-BOMBAY who have explained the molecular mechanism of homeopathy and thus the evidence becomes more stronger, which laid down the foundation of “TODAY’S MOLECULAR MEDICINE”-CANDROLTM having its roots of origin in 200 years old system of medicine-HOMEOPATHY.

Managing diseases with very complex pathologies like GBM (glioblastoma multiform) grade 4, CANDROLTM is being frequently used in conditions and affections associated with this disease like coma, diplopia, slurring voice, hemiperesis , difficult deglutition etc. Many cases have been found to respond very effectively even in terminal diseases and also revoking from COMA.

The answer is absolutely NO! CANDROLTM is a molecular medicine which is very individualized according to one particular case and the combinations are prepared according to the status of disease and taking into consideration various disease parameters like loss of function, extent of metastasis i.e F.D.G UPTAKE IN PET SCANS..doses of radiations which the patient has undergone and on what and how many chemotherapy cycles the patient has been put on in past.So depending on these some factors and many others, line of treatment is to be selected taking highly potentized drugs which have no materialistic quantity of original drug substance,thus the chances of materialistic interference with any chemotherapy cycle or radiation cycles becomes 0%. Rather it has been evaluated and observed in past clinical observation that CANDROLTM bears very high potential in nullifying all the side-effects of conventional treatments. Which can be experienced by the patients after taking few doses of this molecular medicine.

Cases like NSC LUNG (non small cell carcinoma) and SCC LUNG (small cell carcinoma) are the milestones showing tremendous response with CANDROLTM even in those cases which have become either irresponsive or resistant with chemotherapy or in patients who either does not want to opt for chemotherapy or in cases where chemotherapy cannot be given due to numerous reasons like disturbed blood pictures.

The efficacy of CANDROLTM now is indisputable and it is readily accepted side by side along with every conventional cancer treatment modality in across 100 countries in the globe.The strength of effectiveness can only be measured by the patients those who have opted for CANDROLTM as the adjuvant treatment and also as an independent line of treatment , or by experiencing the effect of this molecular medicine by taking it. The research is still on by Dr. Rishi Sharma and his team and consent efforts are being made to make it still powerful modality in those domains of practice of medicine where it fails to respond in some cases.