There is a difference which do exist between conventional Hemopathy and Dr Rishi’s protocol – Candrol, In terms of its principles, approach and drug preparation which we have tried to explain as follows

    1. CANDROL is very fast in action just like angina relieving drugs in allopathy like isordil as the molecular nature of candrol gets absorbed very quickly by oral mucosa and triggers vital reactions in the body whereas in conventional homeopathy action is very slow in such gross pathological conditions.
  1. CANDROL is based on the principles on molecular medicine which is the latest innovation in the world of medicine.
  2. CANDROL is disease specific so acts like vaccines for a particular cancer type and thus brings dormancy and helps fighting recurrences again and again.
  3. The potencies are very unique like 60 cm and even 35 cm which is completely not available in conventional homeopathy
  4. Use of tautopathy where allopathic salts are potentised to have enormous results which is very very fast in action without side-effects.
  5. First time ever in the history of homeopathy nosoded have been demonstrated to have that much effects in dreaded pathologies like in carcinomas and sarcomas.
  6. Stem cell medicine is the latest innovation by dr rishi sharma where medicine is prepared from the stem cells and have even demonstrated its utility in leukemias, and gbm’s( glio blastoma multiforme).
  7. Inhalation techniques invented by dr rishi sharma to be given to those patients who can not intake the drugs, especially in oral lesions and gbm’s either due to comatose conditions or paralytic states of the body.