case study-throat cancer stage 3

name-quasim mohd. age-78 yrs/male , delhi diagnosis-throat cancer stage 3 had difficulty in deglutation and suffering with aphonia,also had metastasis..started with type 2 protocol ad aphonia was the first symptom which went..bloody sputum still persists but in minimal quantity with decreased frequency..still under the...

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Case study-pancreatic cancer stage 4

Name – Omeshwar Prasad Age – 58yrs/ Male , Uttar Pradesh Diagnosis – pancreatic cancer stage 4 A resistant patient for chemotherapy as it stopped working with progression of disease.Bilirubin levels spiked upto 17 and when candrol type 3 started it dropped to 3.5...

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case study-oral cancer stage 4

name-ravi shah age-37 yrs/male, gujarat diagnosis-sq. cell carcinoma of oral origin the patient was started with type 3 protocol and showed objective symptoms like increased energy levels, widened opening of mouth, pains subsided and showed better quality of life as compared to before..still under...

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case study-oral cancer stage 4

name-mr shyam manohar shekhawat age-46yrs/male diagnosis-sq. cell carcinoma stage 4 morbidly deranged case which had multiple mets, conventionally declared a life span of 6-7 months but still under treatment after 10 months..stable and showed dormant non progressing subsequent PET scans..the lesion has shown dryness...

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case study- gall bladder cancer stage 4

name-kalpana mahapatra 59 yrs/female a known case of ca gall bladder having marked ascots and raised bilirubin, again a resistant case of chemotherapy with marked prostration..she is undergoing candrol type 3 for past 4 months and following are the followups 1) bilirubin dropped down...

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asha deewakar

case study-breast cancer

name: asha deewakar 67 yrs/female a known case of breast cancer with padgets disease..she underwent candrol type 2 treatment for 3 regular cycle with following followup 1) regression in timor achieved 2)blood picture was normalised 3) raised hb 4) improvement in subsequent mammograms

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case study-tongue cancer( metastatic )

name: vitthal vaghela age: 57 yrs/ male place: udaipur patient was a known diagnosed case of ca tongue..approached candrol to save his oncosurgery..after 20 days of treatment with type 2 candrol mailed as: “DearDr. Rishi Sir, As per our telephonic conversation my case study...

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rama kakkar

case study-metastatic uterine cancer

name:rama kakkar age:62/f patient had following PET SCAN findings-metabolically active uterine mass lesion involving fundus, body of uterine cavity extending the full thickness of uterine wall measuring 73*8.*9. cm. note is made of encysted hydrometer in the fundus..she also has multiple metabolically active lymph...

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case study-pancreatic cancer stage 4

name-mrs pushpa srivastava age-65yrs/f diagnosis-metastatic pancreatic cancer with distant metastatic lesions the case has been recently presented over here after being denied by conventional oncologist on the grounds of no scope..after 7 days of candrol type 3 s. bilirubin declined from 16.8 to 12.4...

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shaifali dey

case study- uterine cancer

name-shaifali dey age-62yrs/f diagnosis-endometrium carcinoma the patient suffered distant metastasis with complete loss of quality of life and energy due to very bad side effects of chemotherapy and radiation..disease was uncontrolled and covered vital organs like liver as well..according to conventional therapists she could...

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mouth ca

case study-squamous cell carcinoma

name-mr ramkishan dutt age-57 yrs/male diagnosis-squamous cell carcinoma( oral cancer) the patient had the h/o multiple chemotherapies and radiations with complete loss of taste..being a resistant subject for chemotherapy no further cycles could be given and thus in the terminal stage..candrol was opted and...

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Case Study-high grade sarcoma

NAME OF PATIENT: MR MANOJ SHARMA AGE 22 YRS/ M DIAGNOSIS: HIGH GRADE SARCOMA BIOPSY REPORT: biopsy showed spindle cell neoplasm which is hyper cellular. cells are present in sheets. Histomorphology is consistent with high grade sarcoma.. CT SCAN SHOWED: large heterogenous enhancing lobulated soft tissue density...

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