Yes there is absolutely no need for moving patient to jaipur. the treatment module is designed in such a way that we need to see pathological reports and condition of disease where it is not following conventional approach where doctors used to evaluate symptoms for hours and them similar medicine was taken we have obtained and reached a stage where specific potencies and specific combinations of medicines are available which can be given to a patient after deeply studying and analysing patient’s reports.sometimes we may need to ask some objective and subjective symptoms of the patients that can be told to us by the relatives who can come to the clinic and even patient can be asked over the video chats like skype and over the phone.these things have made the communications very easy.and thus the need for the patient to travel from far places is nullified.
There are various parameters on which candrol therapy depends

  • Site of disease
  • F.D.G. uptake in pet scans and ct scan evaluation
  • Extent of loss of body function
  • Pains if any and its threshold
  • How many chemotherapy and radiations cycles the patient has undergone
  • Weight, Appetite, and Energy levels in the body
  • Emotional planes and will power of the patient
  • Tolerance for chemo-therapies and radiations( in resistant subjects where chemo does not have any role)
  • Age of the patient and if family history demonstrates cancer

Considering all these parameters as key factors type of candrol is decided ( type 1, type 2 and type 3) and can be dispensed to the relatives who have visited clinic personally or dispatched to the home address through postal courier services within shortest possible time, after receiving payments.