officeDr rishi’s homeopathy cancer research foundation” is the clinical setup in jaipur and a non govt. organization in private sector working successfully for cancer patients since years..with the team of expert doctors and coming out with Dr rishi’s protocols for cancer, Dr rishi sharma, the C.E.O. and FOUNDER of candrol has changed the era of conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiations and surgery.. with the introduction of 4th modality of cancer treatment this treatment method has emerged as the only hope for terminal cancer sufferers. It is a well known fact that with the turnover of multi billion dollars in conventional treatments, the pharma companies are continuously launching newer chemotherapies in the market but still they have not been able to provide a side effect free treatment and a treatment line which can make patient’s life full of happiness and positive hope.. The problem of affording a cancer treatment was another matter of concern which led to the setting up of a milestone of Dr. Rishi’s homoeopathy cancer research foundation..Giving treatment at much affordable price and still giving quality treatment is the only moto carried by Dr. Rishi Sharma.

Today Dr. Rishi’s cancer treatment protocols are not only famous in his own country but are being followed and adopted in more than 100 countries across the world.. Dr. Rishi Sharma has developed these treatment methods with his highly scientific aptitude and over the time he has been updating himself with the latest innovation and technology.. Dr. Rishi’s homoeopathy cancer research foundation has got scientifically proven results of improvement in incurable termed diseases, one among them is cancer..With the aim and a big dream of making world cancer free this cancer research foundation has emerged as the only hope among the cancer sufferers and their relatives.. Come together and join hands to create more awareness about Dr. Rishi’s cancer treatment protocols as the only 4th modality in oncology..Here at Dr. Rishi’s homoeopathy Cancer Research. Foundation we appeal to the world to have this protocol as soon as patient is diagnosal with. Cancer. By this what can be done is Patient can be benefitted by the adverse side effects Of conventional treatment eq. chemotherapy, Radiation etc. and lowered immunity of the body is raised to such a great Extent that Individual person becomes strong enough to fight efficiently against the cancer phenomenon and healing starts immediately and effectively the very next minute the dose has been administered into the body.

Our Chief Doctors

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Dr. Rishi Sharma, C.E.O and Founder

Graduated from premier homeopathic medical college in jaipur (S.K.H. MEDICAL COLLEGE), and obtained his degree in bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery(B.H.M.S.).He has authored several articles in national and international journals which are cherished at an international platform.He explained the relationship between molecules and homeopathy medicines and came out very strong conclusive hypothesis of how homeopathy works. his rational ideology of “MOLECULAR MECHANISM OF HOMEOPATHY AND ITS APPLICATION IN ONCOLOGY” gained attention from critics of homeopathy from around the world.

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Dr. M.K. Sharma, Senior Advisor & Consultant

(Senior advisor and consultant physician in the panel of discussion of cases with dr rishi sharma) with the experience of 30 years in the practice of medicine dr m.k sharma do master the case taking forums and patient’s councelling..and has a very honorable status in dr rishi’s team of expert doctors.he has been awarded by the rajasthan state health minister and cherished by “chief minister of rajasthan” vasundhara raje for his outstanding work in social welfare and conducting 100’s of free camps for cancer patients and various other programs for fund raising for poor people in support of their medical aids..his contribution for patients is outstanding and is a real gem for dr rishi sharma in his clinic.

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Dr. Pooja Sharma, B.D.S.

( B.D.S., ORAL DENTAL SURGEON HAVING SPECIALITY IN ORAL CANCER CASES) Very versatile dental surgeon in the team of dr rishi, dr pooja sharma handles with her expert opinion in diagnosis of oral cancer cases and is pioneer in differentially diagnosing 100’s of oral lesions. Her acceptance and experience with dr rishi’s protocol-candrol has led her to serve patients suffering with various carcinomas to treat with only candrol.

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Dr. Gautam Sharma, B.H.M.S.

Another key person in the team, Dr Gautam Sharma handles patient’s counseling and telecommunications and has led the telemedicine service of the center to reach beyond national territories.Today patients talk with him as if he is sitting next to them and guiding them with his vast knowledge about Dr Rishi’s protocols and has completely eradicated communication gap between the doctor and the patient.”with the telemedicine services and online treatment options we have opened for the world, we have been able to serve more than 100 countries across the globe and this has not only led to medical tourism but we have been able to reach patients and are able to acknowledge them the efficacy of homeopathy and candrol. According to me it is not the technology, it is the efforts of Dr Rishi Sharma , his team and results which are shining today.”-says Dr Gautam Sharma

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