Dr Rishi’s protocols are completely side effects free and no harsh effects have been under notice so far. Based upon more than 200 years homeopathic system of medicine, following potentization as the method of preparation of drugs, no materialistic quantity of medicine is involved and thus it is regarded and safest anti cancer treatment approach of today.


CANDROL remains the first choice of treatment line in terminal cases where allopathy has nothing to offer other than symptomatic relief.we do accept the faliures in remaining 30% of all terminal diagnosed cases but that is not the lacuna of this system but the unfortunate thing like late presentation of a case to this system, which is a matter of lack of awareness.


Early diagnosed cases have a very high percentage of being prevented from onco surgeries and they can be helped in saving a vital part of the body from being excised or cut. There is no guarantee that once the organ has been removed the body is free from cancer.It is the susceptibility and the diathesis which always remains in the genes once it is being manifested and expressed.as the matter of fact surgery even accelerates onco process in the body.


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Introduction Of Dr. Rishi Sharma

tip-image C.E.O. and Founder of Dr. Rishi’s Protocol For Cancer-Candrol

Dr. Rishi Sharma is a renowned and the best homeopathy cancer doctor. He graduated from the Premier Homeopathic Medical College, Jaipur, and earned a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) degree. He aims to provide Natural cancer treatment in India with the help of molecular homeopathy. He is the one who explains the relationship between molecules and homeopathy medicines giving a strong conclusive hypothesis about the working of homeopathy in cancer treatment. Many homeopathic critics from across the globe showed interest in his ideology of “Molecular Mechanism of Homeopathy and Its Application in Oncology”. As an author of several articles in national and international journals, he is respected and appreciated all over the world.

Dr. Rishi Sharma explains that homeopathy works exactly on a lock and key mechanism and there is nothing which is slow acting or nothing that delays the process of acting. This mechanism also occurs in homeopathy cancer treatment and requires advanced pathologies. To achieve dormancy in diseases like cancer, it’s the symptoms that play an important role and if dormancy over the symptoms is achieved, homeopathy doctors take it as a great success and cure the patients with ease.

Cancer is the diathesis and the symptoms observed are the end results of the changes taking place at the genetic level. Due to the internal body functions, there can take place a lot of changes. But, every change in the body is not necessarily a symptom of cancer. It’s the body’s healing capacity that is controlling these changes in order to help humans to stay healthy. This is why cutting down a part or an organ, using poison to kill cells or burning superficial reflection of disease is not a cure to any disease, not even cancer. Cancer needs to cured from inside, by eradicating its signs and symptoms and its tendency to recur. Homeopathy cancer treatment is the only treatment that can do this as it deals with the innate of an individual change in the body. Molecular Medicine and Molecular Homeopathy is the only homeopathy treatment which provides specific immunity for specific cancer.

Dr. Rishi Sharma says that “This Approach Is the Only Science of Future That Can Change the Definition of Cancer Treatment, Based On the Very Scientific and Strong Foundation of Metaphysics and Molecular Biology”.

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