• STEP 1 : Stage of tumour / malignancy.
  • STEP 2 : Preventing the localized tumour or malignant cell from metastasis.
  • STEP 3 : Nullifying the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
  • STEP 4 : Reversing the cancer.
  • STEP 5 : Preventing further Relapses of cancer.

The above modus operendii or medicinal action again depends upon various factors like types of cancer, stage, patient’s age and his response towards the protocol. The aim of treatment always Resides in increasing and facilitating the living condition and Quality of life of the patient. DR. RISHI through his vast and extensive experience in this field of medicine do also appeal to have this treatment for the family members of the patient because genetic factor being one of the major etiology of cancer Prevails in majority of the cases. DR RISHI’S protocols for cancer not only helps the patient but do also act like prophylaxis for the close family members or blood relations to attain maximum immunity towards developing any malignancy in future too. One should not forget that Researches in the field of oncology States that investigations such as FNAC’S and TISSUE BIOPSIES Further accelerate the onco process thrice as fast as non touched tumours. Thus we strongly appeal to have DR RISHI’S Protocols as the complimentary acting medication along with conventional methodologies, although the number of Cases who opt for DR RISHI’S cancer protocols alone are not less in number according to our clinical findings and datas. The world and so called multibillion Parma Industries by Spending a majority of funds in just researching are still not being able to have a permanent vaccine or cure for this dreaded disease and thus WHO and other researchers are always Seeking hope Rays in traditional system of medicines. homoeopathy being 2nd most popular system of medicine on entire globe is emerging as very strong and scientific method of healing and thus it pave its way of success in incurable termed diseases or exclusive surgical diseases.
DR RISHI’S cancer protocols are the 4th modality in terms of popularity in the world first three being the surgery, chemotherapy and radiations but most importantly his protocols for cancer patients acts like adjuvant therapy(along with other conventional ruling therapies). DR RISHI’S cancer protocols develops and strengthen vital force against cancer cells and very strongly supports the diseased tissue and this powered vital force deactivates the cancerous phenomenon in the body and rejuvenates them. The body’s immune system is a collection of organs, specialized cells and substances circulating throughout the body that helps and protects the body from the diseased state.

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