Cancer is a disease which causes abnormal growth of body cells. When cancer develops in the cervix area (the lower, narrow end of the uterus) of the body, it marks the nascent stage of cervical cancer. The cervix connects the birth canal (vagina) to the uterus (the upper part), making it critical for the patients.

Cervical Cancer Homeopathy Treatment

Every woman is at the risk of cervical cancer; with women over the age of 30 are most likely to get infected with cervical cancer. We, at Candrol Center, are focused to provide the best treatment of cervical cancer with use of innovative homeopathic medicines and time-tested treatment methods.
At, Dr. Rishi Sharma’s cancer research foundation Candrol, we target to treat cancer through homeopathic molecular medicines.

Candrol makes use of Molecular homeopathy to treat cervical cancer, which is in itself a unique approach. It uses molecular medicines developed with this approach which are the diluted form of extracts. As the medication is in diluted form, it proves to be more effective since it is free from side-effects. It directly acts on the cancerous cells, destroying them without harming any of the healthy cells, while providing the latter the strength to fight back the cancerous cells and prevent their occurrence. It also excludes surgical procedures and exposure to harmful radiation that can affect the patient in the later stages of his life while also affecting his next generation. Therefore, this treatment eventually results in complete eradication of signs and symptoms of cancerous cells, thus curing cervical cancer patient from the root without deteriorating his body. Candrol also increases the immunity of the patient and helps in its quicker recovery that no other treatment method can assure of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. What do we understand about Cervical Cancer?
Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is a common viral infection, communicated during sex (from one person to another). It has many types, and some of them can cause changes in the cervical area, leading to cervical cancer.
Cervical cancer is treatable at an early stage, assuring ideal life duration for the patient.

2. What are the characteristics linked with the development of Cervical Cancer?
In early stage of cervical cancer, you may not find symptoms but in its advanced stage, the following symptoms are encountered: –

  • Abnormal bleeding or discharge
  • Excessive bleeding after sex

If you notice any of these signs on a regular basis, see your doctor to know more about its cause and effects. Do note that these symptoms might not necessarily be associated with cervical cancer.

3. What are the types of treatment available?
There are several ways to treat cervical cancer. It depends on the kind of cervical cancer and its stage. Generally, the treatments are chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.
This is where Candrol comes in as a safer homeopathic alternative.

4. What are the risk factors you are exposed to, if you are aHPV (Human Papillomavirus) infected?
HPV (Human Papillomavirus)infection is usually a common problem. It generally causes no symptoms, thus it is difficult to predict whether you have it or not. Most of the women recover from HPV easily without any treatment. However, there are chances that it may turn into cervical cancer if the recovery takes too much time.
There are many factors which can increase the risk of cervical cancer,

  • Smoking
  • HIV infection or any other condition which reduced your immunity
  • Consistent (five or more years) use of birth control pills
  • Having three or more children
  • Several sex partners

5. How does Dr. Rishi’s homeopathic treatment cure the disease?
Dr. Rishi’s Cervical Cancer treatment is based on purely scientific methods and time-tested techniques. In comparison to the expensive conventional treatment methods, Candrol is not just cost effective procedure but non-surgical, painless and 100% safe as well. Candrol is customized as per the individual needs of the patients. Thus, it becomes more targeted and effective during treatment.

6. Are there any possible complications?
There are no side effects that have been registered till date. Candrol is based on homeopathic remedy and innovative molecular medicine of future. These are small doses of specially prepared ingredients. They undergo through a specific formulation process which includes potentization (dilution of ingredients).
So, you don’t have to worry about complications.

7. How soon can I get the results of cervical cancer homeopathy treatment?
The recovery depends on the condition and stage of the cancer. Immediately after the first dose, you will feel improvement in your condition.

8. Can Candrol be taken with other allopathic treatments without any contradiction?
Yes! You can. Unlike conventional treatment methods, Candrol homeopathy treatments are free from side effects. Along with that, it is recommended under expert’s supervision as per the individual needs of the patient.
Fight the battle against cervical cancer with homeopathy!