Blood Cancer Homeopathy Treatment

Studies have proved that using homeopathic medicines to treat blood cancer symptoms has reduced the side effects of post cancer treatment. The effectiveness, safety and low cost of homeopathic medicines help the patients physically as well as morally. It protects them from cancer’s harmful effects while treating the side effects of conventional cancer treatments methods as well. Candrol, Dr. Rishi Sharma’s cancer research foundation,targets to treat cancer through its innovative molecular medicines and methods. The center provides treatments for all types of cancer. Dr. Rishi’s Blood cancer treatment with the use of homeopathic medicines is focused to address the underlying causes of illness. It ensures completely painless treatment of blood cancer that does not reappear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. What is Blood Cancer and what are its causes?

Blood Cancer is a rare disease in which the tumors of the hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues affect the blood. This disease affects other parts of the body and creates overlapping problems in its intimately connected parts such as lymph, bone marrow and lymphatic system through the circulatory system.

Uncommon in solid tumors, chromosomal translocations is a common cause of this type of cancer.

2. How do we diagnose and treat Blood Cancer?

There are different approaches to diagnose and treat Blood cancer (hematological malignancies). It can be done by measuring complete blood count and microscopic blood film analysis followed by bone marrow biopsy.

They are generally treated by specialists in hematology and/or oncology.

3. What are the most common Blood cancer infections?

The most common types of blood cancer,

  • Leukemia and myeloma, they starts in the bone marrow,
  • Lymphoma, it starts in the lymphatic system


4. What are the symptoms of Blood Cancer?

People with blood cancer can face the problems of serious infections and excessive bleeding. Blood cancer symptoms may include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Severe sweating
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pale, blue lips or fingernails
  • Persistent High fever (Greaterthan 101F),
  • High heart rate,
  • Loss or changed in level of consciousness
  • Anxiety
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Frequent infections
  • Night sweats
  • Tiredness
  • Enlarged lymph nodes.


5. Why choose Dr. Rishi Sharma’s homeopathy treatment over conventional methods?

Dr. Rishi’s blood cancer treatment is based on scientific methods which are time-tested, cost effective, non-surgical, painless and 100% safe. In comparison, conventional treatment methods are expensive.

Additionally, unlike conventional methods, Candrol is free from side effects.

6. How Dr. Rishi’s homeopathic treatment prevents cancer?

Candrol is a result of rigorous scientific research work done by Dr. Rishi Sharma. It is developed to treat all the types of cancer and its related conditions. It is broadly divided into 3 lines of treatment (type 1, 2 and 3). These three lines of treatment are prepared according to the specific cancer condition and various other disease parameters. It can be the extent of metastasis loss, the frequency of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on the patient and the hormonal treatments, if any.

7. How much time it takes to cure the disease?

Healing starts immediately after the first dose and the recovery depends on the condition and stage of the cancer.

8. Can Candrol be received at home?

Yes, Candrol would be delivered at your home address within 3-5 working days in India and internationally (depending on international courier timings) after a complete analysis of your medical condition and reports by Dr. Rishi Sharma and his panel of doctors, post completion of payments.

9. Is there any free consultation service available?

Yes, once your case is accepted, then there is no charge for counseling with the panel of doctors. But there will be registration/medicinal/postal charges applicable for patient enrollment.

Unlimited consultations are offered over the phone with the panel doctors for the person taking our treatment, and if required, with Dr. Rishi Sharma.
So, take the homeopathic route to cure cancer.
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